Aetna Student Health Review-2024

Aetna Student Health is a full-service insurance agent and administrator that offers high-quality, creative, and reasonably priced health insurance programs to college and university students.

Aetna Student Health is a national leader in providing students with quality, affordable health care, and insurance. As a student, you have access to many services and benefits that can help you stay healthy and achieve your academic goals.

The Aetna Student Health team is committed to providing the information and resources you need to make the best decisions for your health and well-being. We understand the unique challenges students face regarding health care and are here to help you navigate the system.

We encourage you to take advantage of the resources available through Aetna Student Health. Whether you are looking for information on insurance coverage, need help finding a doctor, or have questions about your health, we can help.

Aetna Student Health Portal

Aetna Student Health is a website that provides college students with information on health and wellness. The website includes nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep articles. There is also a section on mental health, which contains information about depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. The website also provides resources for students dealing with sexual assault or domestic violence.

To log in to the account, go through this link-

Provide your username and password

If you are a first-time user, register through this link-

Provide your member ID or social security number, full first name, last name, date of birth, and zip code.

How to reset my username and password?

If you forgot your username go through this link-

Choose any of the following; member Id or social security number. Then, fill up the following information.

Aetna Student Health Available Hours

They are available Monday through Friday: 8 AM through 5 PM.

If you forgot your password, go through this link-

Provide username and date of birth to continue.

Aetna Student Health Contacts

For contacts, go through this link-

Provide your school name, student ID, date of birth, phone number, email address, related issues, and messages.

Aetna Student Health Phone Number

For customer service, call this number- 877-480-4161

Aetna Student Health Mailing Address

They are available at this address-

Aetna, Student Health

151 Farmington Avenue

Hartford, CT 06156

How to find a Doctor?

To find a doctor go through this link-

You will find options here. You can visit the campus health center or network provider, or you can go to a provider outside the network.

Aetna Student Health Pharmacy

Members with chronic illnesses and conditions can get support and specialized medications from Aetna Specialty Pharmacy. These medications are typically injected or infused, though some may be administered orally. Customized dosages and forms are also available.

Go through the Aetna Specialty Pharmacy website for more information-

Aetna Student Health Careers

CVS Health offers a wide range of career opportunities in a variety of fields. To search for and apply for jobs, go through this link-

Aetna Student Health Producer Portal

Provide your username and password.

For a password, go through this link-

Provide username and last four-digit security number.

Provide social security number, national producer number, last name, first name, and zip code.

Aetna Student Health Web Address

In conclusion, Aetna’s student health insurance plans work for everyone. Aetna offers programs for each life stage, including coverage for dependent children. Aetna’s plans also offer flexible benefits that can help you cover your healthcare needs hassle-free.

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