Ashe Patient Portal Review-2024

Ashe Memorial Hospital is a full-service medical center that provides the greatest quality medical care to the people of Jefferson and Ashe County, North Carolina, and the surrounding communities. Members of the High Country community, their board-certified doctors, nurses, and staff make every effort to maintain the best possible level of health in that community.


Asche Patine Portal

You can safely access your health information via the patient access portal from any location with an internet connection at any time. The portal allows you to update your personal information, examine health data from recent hospital visits, view test results as they become available, check your visit history, and see any upcoming appointments. You don’t have to worry about forgetting what the nurse or doctor said because you can easily access doctors’ notes and discharge information.


Only you and those you allow can access the password-protected portal website.

Creating a username and password, entering a name, birth date, and email address, as well as responding to two security questions, is the process of signing up.


Asche Patine Portal Mission

The mission is to provide high-quality, patient-centered healthcare to address the community’s needs.


Asche Patine Portal Vision

The best community hospital in the country is Ashe Memorial Hospital.


Asche Patine Portal Values

To realize the vision, they advance the following values:


  • Treat everyone with decency, respect, civility, and compassion, attending to their needs and those of one another as if they were members of our own family.
  • Safety is something they believe in promoting. They will always speak up for the patients’ and one another’s safety.
  • Uphold the moral and legal rights of patients, their families, and one another.
  • The care of all people, beginning with their cherished team members, is their business.
  • As a strong team, they can adapt to the shifting needs of others.


How to register for the patient portal?

To register, go through this link-


  • Username
  • Password
  • E-Mail Address
  • Two Security Questions
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Patient Code (Given to you by the provider)


How to log in to the portal?

To log in, go through this link-

Provide your username and password.

You can easily restore the username or password if you forget it.

For the username, go through this link-

For the Password, go through this link-


Ashe Patient Portal Pay Bill

To pay the bill, go through this link-

You can pay by providing your phone number.

You can also pay through 3 steps from this link-


Ashe Patient Portal Contact numbers

For contact, call these numbers-

Main Phone Line: 336-846-7101

Main Fax Line: 336-846-0746

Scheduling Fax Line: 336-846-0750

Medical Records Fax Line: 336-846-0747


Ashe Patient Portal Email

You can email them; Email Address- [email protected]


Ashe Patient Portal Location

They are located at this location-

200 Hospital Avenue

Jefferson, NC 28640.


Ashe Patient Portal  Services

For the services, go through this link-

Ashe Memorial Hospital provides all the usual and emergency medical treatment required, wellness services, and unexpected community resources. 


The Mountain Family Care Center offers non-emergency medical services at reasonable hours, including weekends and after hours. The emergency department is close by because this facility is on their campus in case you require a higher level of care.


Modern labor and delivery services are available at the Wilma Vannoy Birthing Center. Prenatal care at the facility helps pregnant women have the healthiest pregnancies possible before birth, and good postpartum care for both mother and baby can soothe new mothers’ anxieties.


Ashe Patient Portal Web Address





In Conclusion, they look forward to assisting you in living the healthiest life possible.

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