Banner Health Employee: Benefits & Advantages-2021

Right now, Banner Health is the largest employer in the USA in the health and caregiver sector, and there are many amenities if someone is a Banner Health employee.

What is Banner Health?

Banner Health is a non-profit health organization based in the state of Arizona in the USA. Banner Health has over 30 hospitals in the 6 states of the USA, employing over 50,000 people and thus becoming the largest employer company in the USA.

In 1999, Banner Health was created as a result of a merger between Lutheran Health Systems and Samaritan Health System. It reported assets of $11.6 billion and revenues of $7.8 billion for the previous year in 2018.
Banner Health offers services like-

  • Emergency and hospital care
  • Hospice
  • Long-term/home care
  • Outpatient surgery
  • Labs
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Pharmacies
  • Primary care

Banner Health has a vast area of expertise in the area of healthcare and has branches of the hospital all over 6 states, Iowa, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and has its sole headquarters in Pheonix. Banner Health has a $90 million Cancer Center in Gilbert, Arizona. For more, visit Banner Health’s official website Banner Health.

The Scope of Banner Health Services-

Banner Health also provides athletes with their special conditions and needs as their individual program called Banner Orthopedics & Sports Medicine: Caring for Professional and Collegiate Athletes.
Under the athlete program, sportspeople are inspected and diagnosed under world-class doctors and caregivers so that they can have their chance at excelling. No matter if it is the case of overcoming an injury, or surviving a rigorous season, Banner Health Sports Medicine Service and Orthopedics Team can offer supreme service.

Especially Banner Health provides quality service like Telehealth and giving patients access to having healthcare online from doctors. They can have their symptoms diagnosed online. On another note, Banner Health has also offered special care and services during the COVID-19 Pandemic, from doing tests, serving patients to vaccination.

What Banner Health Offers-

  • Urgent Care-
    Convenient care for many non-emergency services like scheduling online or walk-in.
  • Imaging-
    Highly trained medical experts use advanced medical technology to give patients accurate diagnoses and extensive care.
  • Surgery Centers-
    Convenient and less expensive procedures for patients to even have fast recovery from home.
  • Maternity-
    For mothers to feel comfortable during their pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Choosing Banner Health to Kickstart Your Career:

Banner Health believes that for providing first-class services to its customers, first, they need to take care of their employees to ensure the smooth running of the company. That’s why Banner Health offers its employees 3 main advantages of working in this non-profit organization-

  • Employee Amenities-
    Flexible hours, competitive pay, and benefits that meet their individual needs.
  • Flexible Locations-
    Banner Health stretches its territory across 6 states of western USA, so employees can choose from a long range of locations to work at.
  • Career Profiles-
    Banner Health has different positions for individuals starting at any form of their careers. No matter if you are a professional partitionist or at entry-level in caregiving, Banner Health wants you.

For more information on Banner Health Careers, visit Banner Health Careers.

Advantages and Benefits of Being a Banner Health Employee:

If you are already a Banner Health Employee, then congratulations! Banner Health believes that its employees are the main force behind its excellent patient caregiving and awards their employees with various advantages within the company and marvelous career opportunities.

Banner Health believes in the welfare of their employees as they implore them to work their best, stay connected, and flourish their skills all at once. They also encourage them to gain field experience as much as possible. Banner Health sponsors and runs a research center in cancer in Arizona, so they definitely welcome innovative talent from their employees to make healthcare easy and accessible to all.

If you are a Banner Health employee, you will get the resources mentioned below-

Banner Benefits:

Banner Health cares most about its employee’s well-being. That’s why they offer services like Retirement Fidelity for employees, which can be found on the website of My-Wealth on the Banner’s Employee Website.

Employees can also highly benefit from their personal work recorder and tracker MyHR-Workday, and employees can log in at MyHR-Workday.

Employees can have their personal information, emergency contacts, address, internal career opportunities, and more at this site. They can log in from their desktop or mobile to access this benefit.
More information at Employee Benefits.

Employee Resources:

Banner Health offers employees a set of resources for them smoothly completing their work and overall advantages.

1) Banner E-mail:
Banner Health employees can log in to their official e-mail from their company website from their company domain name.

2) Workforce Central:
Employees can access their time cards and schedule easily.

3) Employee Website (Intranet):
Employees can access their own personal network of their company which is restricted within their colleagues and co-workers.

4) MyHR-Workday:
Employees can log in to this site and see human resources (HR) and payroll information, including the employee handbook, HR-related policies, and benefits information.

5) Access to Exclusive VPN:
Employees can access the Banner website through a secure log-in. For Arizona, Arizona VPN and Western Region, Western Region VPN.

For more information on resources for employees, visit Employee Resources

Banner Staffing Services:

Banner Health is a place for clinical and medical employees, and its services entail a large amount of non-clinical personnel. Moreover, Banner Health Staffing Services offers a large scale of non-clinical personnel on registry and travel. Those employments include payroll, education, staff placement, human resources, onboarding, recruitment, etc. If someone is interested in starting their career with Banner Health Staffing Services, they can get more information about it at Careers.

  • Report an Occupation Injury/Illness
    An employee can report their work injury or illness via a worker’s intranet using the keyword- Work Injury. For further questions, one may contact Injury Prevention Specialist Gus Reyna at (602) 747-3412.
  • Employee Wellness
    Employees can have free access to various wellness programs for both prevention and flourishment at Banner Health. They can use the keyword- ECHO in the intranet to get access to this benefit. This program is designed for the employees to become healthier and make good lifestyle and nutritious choices such as nutrition counseling, stress management, exercise programs. For more information, visit ECHO.
  • Banner Health Careers
    Banner Health is an equal opportunity employer, which means it has a career option for any and everyone. It employs not only the professional and experts but also beginners and interns. It has a competitive payroll system that ensures internal career improvement for employees. Also, it can be a good place to start one’s career.
    Banner Health ensures everyone’s career in 3 sections, such as-

1) Banner Health Opportunities:
2) Provider Opportunities
3) Lab Opportunities

For more information on Banner Health Careers, visit Banner Health Job Search.

To know more about Employee Benefits of Banner Health, visit Banner Health Employees.

Work Tools for Banner Health Employees:

For the comfort of their employees, Banner Health offers their employees certain work tools to ease their work and improve their productivity. These tools greatly help the employees and are easy to use and contribute to the smooth-running of Banner Health, and they can be found on the Employees Resources Page.

Some of the frequent and efficient work tools used by Banner Health Employees are-

  • Banner Email:
    Banner Email services help employees connect with each other as well as the patients and the customers. They can access their company email containing their company’s domain from the official website at Banner Email.
  • Employee Website:
    Employee Website or intranet of their employees establishes a safe and secure way for them to contact each other and share information regarding work and also for a special situation like wellness or sickness, they can get the support and help they need all from their co-workers and colleagues with the help of the secure network. To access the intranet of Banner Health employees, they can visit at Employee Website.
  • Workforce Central:
    Employees can access their scheduling information and time cards here. To access this tool, visit- Workforce Central.
  • MyHR-Workday:
    The website which records and tracks every employee’s personal record for them gives the employees a great advantage of accessing their data from anywhere and anyhow. To log in to this work tool, visit MyHR-Workday.

At last, it can be said that Banner Health is taking one step at a time to groom their employees and provide help and sufficient support to them to transform the world of healthcare with them.

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