BCBS Sc State Health Plan Provider Review

BCBS Sc State Health Plan Provider Review

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) firms have provided members with healthcare coverage, allowing them to live without worry or fear. Blue Cross Blue Shield provides a customized approach to healthcare in every ZIP code based on the requirements of the neighborhoods where its members reside and work. They collaborate closely with local medical facilities and practitioners to deliver high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare.

BCBS SC State Health Plan Provider Member Service

Blue Cross Blue Shield companies offer a best-in-class, comprehensive suite of international products and services to people who live, work, and travel internationally, ensuring that quality care is available wherever and whenever they need it.

To satisfy the unique requirements of individuals and businesses around the world who are globally mobile, Blue Cross Blue Shield provides enhanced coverage and service through a wider portfolio of international health insurance products. Employers, people, and students can access international healthcare coverage, giving them peace of mind while traveling or living abroad for an extended period.

How to Find a Doctor?

To find a doctor, go through this link- https://www.bcbs.com/find-a-doctor

BCBS SC State Health Plan Provider Web Address

BCBS SC State Health Plan Provider Location

They are located at-

225 North Michigan Ave.

Chicago, IL 60601

1310 G Street, NW

Washington, DC 20005

BCBS SC State Health Plan Provider Portal

To log in, go through this link-https://statesc.southcarolinablues.com/web/public/brands/statesc/.

Provide your username and password.

If you don’t have an account, create an account through this link- https://statesc.southcarolinablues.com/wps/portal/scm/member/profileManagement/create profile/! u

Provide your member ID, social security number, date of birth, and click continue. Then, fill up the required information and complete the login process. You will be created a new account.

How do I Reset My Username and Password?

To reset your username go through this link- https://statesc.southcarolinablues.com/wps/portal/scm/member/profileManagement/forgotUsername/!ut.

Provide any one of your member IDs or social security number, then provide your date of birth to continue.

To reset your password go through this link- https://statesc.southcarolinablues.com/wps/portal/scm/member/profileManagement/forgotPassword.

Provide your username and date of birth to continue.

[Note- You can contact the Technical Support team at (877) 274-1715 for further assistance.]

BCBS SC State Health Plan Provider Mail

You can contact them through this mail-

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina

P.O. Box 100300

Columbia, SC 29202-3300.

For this, provide the member’s name, address, and member ID.

BCBS SC State Health Plan Provider Contact

To contact, you may contact their customer service-

803.736.1576 in Columbia, or toll-free 800.868.2520

For Pharmacy Benefits: 855.612.3128

In conclusion, the BCBS Sc State Health Plan provider is a good option that provides coverage to individuals and families. The health plan provides coverage to many of the major providers in New York.

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