Best Christian Weight Loss Programs in 2021

Religious belief controls human behavior and provides directions for having a healthy and prosperous life on the earth. Religious weight loss books mainly instruct humans about how to lead a healthier life. Likewise, the Bible, the Christian’s religious volume, gives human beings guidance for developing healthy habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, emotions, and spiritual beliefs. That’s why we can find several Christian weight loss programs today. So, get ready for Christian diet programs with bible study.

Really…Is there a Christian based weight loss program? 

Yes, there are Christian based weight loss programs. Those programs are not similar to the typical weight loss programs that include a restrictive meal plan, right schedule, physical exercise, etc. The main theme of those Christian weight loss program is to bride the goal of weight loss with God’s wish and provokes people to maintain fitness in the name of showing obedience towards God. That’s why besides the meal plan and weight loss tools, these programs also include religious activities.

Spiritual Message of Bible for Weight Loss

Bible is not a mere religious volume. Rather, it provides the direction of human life. Even it includes messages for maintaining good health. That’s why we can find verses about weight loss and healthy eating here. Some of those verses are mentioned here:

God provided us a spirit, not of fear but strength and appreciation and discipline, 2 Timothy 1:7 ESV.

The people who live along with the flesh set their minds on the possessions of the flesh, but those who live along with the Spirit set their minds on the possessions of the Spirit, Romans 8:5 ESV.

Jesus said, “I am the food of your livelihood; when you come to me will not hunger, and whoever takes me in your heart never be thirst, John 6:35 ESV.

But I follow discipline for my body and keep it under control, lest after addressing others, I should be unfitted,1 Corinthians 9:27 ESV.

So, what you eat or inhale, or what you do, do all to the miracle of God, 1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV.

Then Jesus said, “Listen! I have provided you all seeds which can make trees everywhere on the earth and all the fruit plant for your meal, Genesis 1:29 (NLT).

Dear friend, I hope all is fine with you and your healthy fitness in the body according to your soul’s strengths, 3 John 1:2 (NLT).

But don’t be so worried about unpreserved possessions like food. Devote your energy seeking the perpetual life that the Son of Man can give you. For God, the Father has provided me the seal of his support, John 6:27 (NLT).

Though those verses seem entirely spiritual-based, they expose deep messages for developing self-control, balanced eating habits, and maintaining a healthy life with the grace of Christ.

Top 13 Christian Weight Loss Programs

Christian weight loss programs are quite different from typical weight loss programs. These programs keep participants motivated with spiritual beliefs, emotions, self-accountability, and ongoing supports. Several organized programs are described here:

1. The Daniel Plan

It is a well known Christian weight loss program that includes some elements for accelerating weight loss by following Christ’s direction. These elements are Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, and friends. These elements are jointly called ‘Essentials,’ and they are all interrelated and interdependent.

So, participants must concentrate on those elements to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The program calls for no particular limitation in the meal plan. But participants are directed to take the only natural whole food instead of human-made, processed foods.

The program gives Faith and Friend the most important as they are the key to success for accomplishing fitness. Because when people work out with a supportive group of friends and fellow Christian believers, it becomes easy for them to be successful.

2. The Daniel Fast

This program is quite different from any other diet program and is based on spirituality. Though it suggests a 21-day vegan detox diet, it can be completely called neither a weight loss program nor a life-changing program.

The program’s motto is to direct participants towards deeper spiritual commitments towards God and purify their mind, body, and soul through sacrifice, prayer, and daily bible reading.

3. The Maker’s Diet

This special 40-day weight loss program is beneficial to lose extra calories for participants. It suggests eating organic fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, and regular fasting in a week.

The program’s special aspect is avoiding toxins like water and toothpaste containing fluorides and resists using electronic devices like cell phones, microwaves, and X-rays. Following the Jewish dietary plan, it recommends not taking porks and shellfish.

 4. Take Back Your Temple

Like the Daniel plan, this weight loss program is based on the spiritual message and supportive companion. It concentrates on the sacred and emotional side of Christian weight loss. It has a particular aspect that revolves around God, and it mends negative emotions that adversely implicate diet & weight loss.

Also, it delivers classes on prayers as well as discourages binge- eating. Moreover, It offers teamwork and group study. Participants can get a chance to interact with each other and generate healthy diet patterns that accelerate weight loss with a thriving faith. Thus this program emphasizes friends and faith like the Danial plan.

5. First Place 4 Health

This program concentrates on neither fitness nor weight loss. Though it implies huge information on healthy meal plans and recipes, it puts less emphasis on fitness or physical work out. It is entirely dependent on the spiritual and impulsive side of human development, according to the Bible. Like other Christian weight loss programs, it encompasses Bible reading, prayer, Scripture memory, companion of a supportive group, and accountability.

6. Victory Steps for Women

This program is specially designed for women to keep themselves healthy and depression free. It directly demonstrates women’s faith and health necessities and helps them promote a healthy & balanced diet habit.

This program comprises healthy eating habits, exercising, playing, and Bible reading in an effective way. Moreover, the program offers a mentor to give women directions to overcome all obstacles & depressions with God’s power and build a healthy eating habit.

7. The Eden Diet

Generally, most of the time, we practice mindless eating. We take food even if we are not hungry. It is the main reason for obesity today. This program is designed for controlling emotional eating. It shifts the preferences of participants from emotional hunger towards physical hunger.

Participants learn how to handle emotional appetite for sweets and focus on eating healthy foods. This program does not have any limitations on foods. Following it, participants can take anything, including junk food. But they must balance between mindless hunger and physical hunger to lose weight.

8. Bod4God

According to this program, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a way to show honor towards God. This program’s motive provokes participants to stay motivated and change their lifestyle for incorporating their body to God’s glory.

Moreover, it involves a support team for keeping them energized to reach destiny. The program encourages participants to make a personal plan for weight loss. It is better to include the church in this plan, as it retains weight loss competition and team challenges.

9. The Hallelujah Diet

This is entirely based on Biblical vegan, plant-based diets. According to the program, 85% of our daily meals should be raw in the state and plant-based. Because of pollution, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and toxins, it becomes challenging to preserve food quality today. That’s why it recommends supplements with daily food.

Naturally, the human body has self-healing power. This program refurbishes it by recommending enzyme-rich plant-based raw foods that useful to the human body.

10. Weight Loss, God’s Way

This online weight loss program is specifically designed for women and provokes them for permanent weight loss and the holy spirit. Starting with 21-day challenges, it teaches participants how the power of God, faith, and health strategies help them achieve their goals.

It merges the vision of weight loss with God’s vision and reshapes participants’ beliefs, mindset, emotion, and spiritual thoughts, and diverts them to achieve the vision of weight loss as God’s vision with them.

Moreover, the program comprises continuous support, a strong & supportive Christian community, weight loss tools, exercise videos, meal plans, etc.

11. PRISM Weight Loss Program

It is a commercial Christian weight loss program that involves audio incentives, weekly videos, and daily lessons with bible readings. It finds out the rationales behind people’s motives for overeating and transforms their perceptions about food and themselves.

Though this program does not include any packaged meal or diet plan, it recommends taking limited calories. People can join the local PRISM group, receive consultancy over the phone or purchase the program directly.

The length of the program depends on the amount of losing weight that customers desire. The more weight loss a participant desires, the more the program’s length comes to be.

12. The Lord’s Table

It is also a commercial 60-day online weight loss program that includes developing a diet plan, shifting participants’ attitudes towards food and physical exercise. It suggests promoting eating habits according to biblical instructions and urges for discovering satisfaction with Christ and acceptable eating.

After signup, people can join the interactive Bible study and weekly consultancy with an instructor. Besides setting an eating schedule, it helps participants convert their perception about food from comfort to nourishment and instructs 30 minutes of exercise five or six days a week.

The eating roster involves two days with three meals with half portions, two days with one regular meal and liquid only for the rest of the day, two days with normal moderate meals, and one fast day with liquids only. This program also holds participants accountable for their meal preferences.

13. Weigh Down Ministries

According to the online-based weight loss program, instead of the food we take, the amount of food causes problems. Counting calories, measuring foods, buying diet foods, and paying more attention to what we are eating increase food addiction. It only emphasizes the body and its signs of hunger and wholeness.

It includes online classes for a fee, lives online with a group in a fixed roster, or another way. Weekly video lessons, a workbook, audio CDs, etc., are provided in the online class fee.

Conclusion: Though these Christian weight loss programs are designed based on a religious point of view and God’s satisfaction, they are provided by online commercial groups at present. However, those programs are not just weight loss programs. They help people stay vigorous and lead a meaningful life. They do not just focus on the skinny body or perfect fitness. Rather, they teach participants how to be self-accountable and develop self-control and balance emotional and mindful diets. Directing them towards group works and religious activities ensures both healthy and meaningful and life with inner peace.

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