Christiana Care Patient Portal Review-2024

ChristianaCare is a group of private, nonprofit hospitals that serves the whole state of Delaware in the United States and parts of seven counties in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey that border the state.

With ChristianaCare’s patient portals, you can build a safe, private website that allows you to regulate your health.

Christiana Care Patient Portal Mission

Our organization aims to assist our neighbours with their health as knowledgeable, compassionate partners. They achieve this through developing cutting-edge, practical, affordable, and egalitarian healthcare systems that their communities value. They make this commitment to you. It is referred to as The ChristianaCare Way.

The most cutting-edge medical technology is available at ChristianaCare to aid your needs. However, their dedication to working with you in partnership is more significant than the technology to suit your specific goals. They wish to take good care of you and support you in leading a healthy life.

Christiana Care Patient Portal Benefits

One of the most active healthcare organizations in the nation, ChristianaCare is dedicated to enhancing health outcomes, expanding access to high-quality treatment, and bringing down healthcare costs. You can;

  • Message your provider, and feel free to attach files.
  • View patient notes and medical records.
  • Request a refill of your prescription.
  • View or schedule a visit with your healthcare practitioner.
  • Create test order forms in print (laboratory, imaging, etc.).
  • Fill out the forms your care team has supplied you.
  • Video-visit through your provider.
  • It will sync your Apple Health records.

Christiana Care Patient Portal Services

The goal of ChristianaCare is to serve others. Since no two experiences are the same, they support having frank discussions to understand each person’s needs better and offer personalized care whenever possible.

Go through this link to have their different ranges of services-

Christiana Care Patient Portal Login

Christiana Care Patient portal log-in will help to access the medical services, accounts bill, and many more. 

To log into the account, go through this link-

Provide the email address or username and password to sign in.

If you can’t access the account, go through this link-

Provide email or username to them. They will send you a code to reset it.

Christiana Care Patient Portal Sign Up

A form is given. Fill up it through this link-

begin the secure and individualized ChristianaCare Patient Portal self-enrollment procedure.

There is a self-enrollment option for:

  • Patients of ChristianaCare
  • over the age of 18
  • never registered for the ChristianaCare Patient Portal
  • Match the information you will be asked to enter accurately.

Christiana Care Patient Portal Pay Bill

You can pay your bills through this link-

ChristianaCare answers patient questions about hospital expenses. 

The customer service department is available Monday through Thursday from 8 AM through 6 PM, Friday from 8 AM through 5 PM, and Saturday from 9 AM through 2 PM.

If you’d like to contact customer service, call this number- tel:302-623-7000 or email at [email protected].

You can ask to have a payment plan established if you cannot pay off your entire sum at once. Call customer service at 302-623-7000 for further details.

Billing for Related Services

Use the correct phone number to get in touch with any of the companies providing the linked services below if you have questions about billing if you have received a bill from them:

Anesthesia services: 855-792-2772.

Dial 855-291-2759 to reach Doctors For Emergency Services (Gotlieb).

Call 877-378-9071 for Quick Med’s ambulance services.

The Need for Customer Service

needs assistance in deciphering a bill.

To create a payment schedule for an amount that is due.

To pay or to talk about different payment methods.

To ask for an itemized bill.

Christiana Care Patient Portal Union Hospital log in

  • For union log-in, go through this link-

Provide your username and password.

  • If you can’t access the username, go through this link to restore it-

To reset your username, you must have an email address linked to your account. If you do not have an email address connected to your account, kindly contact the hospital.

  • To reset your password, go through this link-

An email address and username are required to restore the password.

How to create a Union Hospital account?

To create an account, go to the signup option through this link.

Submit your first and last name, street address, city or state, zip code, birth date, gender, medical record number, and email address.

Christiana Care Patient Portal Learning Space Log In

To sign in to the learning space, go through this link-

Provide your email address and password.

Christiana Care Student Registration Patient Portal 

For student registration, go through this link-

Fill up the application form.

Submit your first and last name, email, gender, date of birth, phone, start date, graduation date, job category, job title, school, security number, security code, and security verification.

Christiana Care Patient Portal Undergraduate Nurse Login

Returning students should log in using the Learning Space Login link to finish any required courses if they have already acquired an Employee ID number.

Go through this link-

Provide your username and password to sign in.

If you can’t access your password, reset it through this link-

If you don’t have an account, go through this link to create it-

Christiana Care Patient Portal Workday Login

To log in for the workday, go through this link-

Email or username and password are required to log in.

Christiana Care Multifactor Authentication

Boost the security of your ChristianaCare account through this link-

Even if someone knows your password, they cannot log in because a second factor (such as your phone or another mobile device) is used to verify your identity.

If your password is stolen, your ChristianaCare account will still be secure thanks to multifactor authentication, which adds a layer of security. If someone attempts to log in as you after you have registered, you will be immediately informed (on the device you have registered for VIP Access on).

How does it work?

You can protect your ChristianaCare account with MultiFactor Authentication by using both something you know is your password and something you have (your VIP Access-enrolled device).

After signing up for ChristianaCare MultiFactor Authentication, you can log in, as usual, using your employee ID and password. Still, as of February 6th, you must confirm your identity by accepting a mobile app notice or entering a security code.

The most user-friendly choice is the smartphone app, which they strongly advise. There are other choices, though. Please study their installation options and enrollment guidelines to make the right decision.

Christiana Care Patient Portal Careers

There are many positions open for jobs. Go through this link for the job opportunities-

ChristianaCare is where you may achieve your full potential, whether you’re a doctor, an advanced practice clinician, a nurse, an allied health professional, or someone knowledgeable in another field. They are enthusiastic about delivering health, not just health care, and are driven by their principles of Love and Excellence.

Go through this link to join them-

Provide your information, and attach your cv and cover letter to submit them.

Christiana Care Patient Portal Health & Wellness Newsletter Login

A healthy existence is a balanced diet, getting enough exercise, controlling weight and stress, and getting adequate sleep. But occasionally, people require information beyond the fundamentals of maintaining good health. Even sensible recommendations for improving our health can sometimes be challenging to practice daily.

The resources offered here can assist you in learning more about a condition or diagnosis, brushing up on basic health information, or locating suitable solutions. ChristianaCare provides a range of programs and workshops all year long that help deepen your awareness or assist you while dealing with major and minor health difficulties.

To log in to the health & newsletter portal, sign up through this link-

Submit them by providing your full name and email address.

Then select the newsletter topic, news option, and health topics.

Christiana Care Patient Portal Websites






Christiana Care Patient Portal Phone Number

For any inquiry, you can call all the numbers listed on this link-

Christiana Care Patient Portal Email Address

You can email them at

Christiana Care Patient Contact Form

Anyone can contact or visit their patient through this link-

You can contact them by tel:302-733-1000 or by filling out the form.

How to find a Doctor?

To find a doctor, go through this link-

Christiana Care Patient Portal App

You can also get your patient portal app.

App store-

Google Play-

Christiana Care Patient Portal Visitors

Video Visit- Video Visits are used in every ChristianaCare office, including pediatrics, women’s health, and specialty clinics. Connections are safe and adhere to HIPAA regulations.

The ChristianaCare patient portal makes it simple for current patients and new patients to connect. Wherever you are, use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to make a real-time appointment with your healthcare practitioner. Contact your provider today via a video visit for your healthcare needs!

In-Person provides comprehensive on-site care, including vaccinations, cancer treatment, laboratory, and imaging services.

New Patient- To locate a specialist or primary care physician, they recommend calling 800-693-CARE or going to FindaDoc. Then, get in touch with them to make an appointment.

Current Patent- The offices may contact you if an appointment needs to be rescheduled. To decide what is best for you, they recommend phoning your doctor’s office or sending a message via the ChristianaCare Patient Portal to discuss your healthcare needs.

Surgical Patients- For more information, consult your ChristianaCare patient portal or your healthcare physician. To learn more, go to the Surgical Services page.

Emergency- A medical emergency has occurred. Call 9-1-1 right away. Please note that unless you suffer respiratory difficulties, most persons with COVID-19 symptoms do not need to visit the emergency room.

Urgent Care- ChristianaCare GoHealth Urgent Care offers video visits and will hold your place in line while providing excellent same-day care 24/7. No order is necessary to get tested here if you have COVID-19 symptoms. Locate a site that is close to you.

Christiana Care Patient Portal Locations

They are located at-

4755 Ogletown Stanton Rd, Newark, 

DE 19718, United States.


The Christiana Care Health System has committed to eliminating preventable medical errors. With its population health programs, specialized coordination service, and focus on value-based care, ChristianaCare is impacting the future of healthcare.

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