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How to Get Best Company Health Insurance Plan in 2024?

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) research in 2020, team member absence is a significant expense in 80% of businesses. The survey revealed that, on average, each team member costs £892 to their team member every year due to sickness absence. So, a proper company health insurance plan can help you ensure health security.

The leading cause of short-term absences is usually stress, musculoskeletal conditions, and minor illnesses such as colds and flu. Long-term absence causes are generally acute medical conditions, mental & stress conditions and, back pain, musculoskeletal disorders, and back pain.

Expert opinion indicates that early intervention to treat anxiety, mental health, and musculoskeletal disorders is vital in maximizing an individual’s return to being fit for work. With a Company Health Insurance plan, its cover ensures that an employee suffering from an acute medical condition can receive treatment quickly and be diagnosed early on in their illness.

If you seek a comparison for your company health insurance or wish to review your existing company medical plan, please complete the short inquiry form. One of our specialist teams will contact you to provide a group health insurance comparison. Our advisers specialize in finding the most suitable group private medical policy to suit your specific requirements and budget. A comparison will be provided from all the UK’s leading private medical insurance providers, including BUPA, AXA, PruHealth, Aviva, Simply Health, and Freedom Healthnet.

A company, health insurance scheme can be established for just the directors or senior management, or your entire workforce, and systems can be found. A system may be for employees only or may also be extended to include their immediate family members. To speak to an expert and get a quote, please complete the short form below.

Add Family Members on my Company Health Insurance

Some employers offer private medical insurance to their employees but do not allow membership for wives, partners, or family. Therefore, you can take out a separate plan to cover your family with an individual private health plan. Often people feel uncomfortable about taking the employer’s benefit but not being able to protect their family, so to prevent this, your family can be insured under a separate individual scheme. The cost will be lower than a plan, including yourself, so joining the company scheme and having a different plan and program for the remaining family members is usually cost-effective.

Should you wish to receive a comparison quotation, please complete and submit the inquiry form below, and our specialist advisers will contact you with costs on a range of plans that suit your requirements and budget.

Leaving a Company’s Private Health Insurance Scheme

When you are considering changing jobs, it is always worth comparing the benefits offered by the new employer and just comparing salaries. If you are moving to a new employer and your new employer does not have a private medical insurance plan available for employees, your previous cover will cease unless you begin to maintain the monthly payments, usually with a direct debit from your account.

To continue cover, you have two options available:

  • The insurance company that provides coverage under your employer’s scheme usually allows you to take out an individual or family plan. However, once you have a quotation, it is well worth seeking alternatives. Similar to car insurance, private medical insurance premium varies considerably.
  • Complete the inquiry form. You will be contacted by a health insurance specialist insurance broker who will provide you with a comparison of premiums and cover available tailored to your requirements.

Health Insurance for Employees Working Abroad

Suppose you are working abroad on a temporary or permanent basis. In that case, it is essential to ensure that you are fully covered for medical insurance in the country or countries in which you are working. Should you have any employees currently or expected to work outside of the UK, it is essential to ensure they are covered in needing medical treatment. You can do this by taking out an international private medical insurance plan, and the policy may cover one or a group of individuals and or their partners and families.

International or expatriate medical insurance is more expensive than a standard UK plan. It is worth comparing costs and covers to ensure that the plan adequately covers you or your employees. Should you require a comparison of prices and cover for international health insurance, please complete the attached inquiry to obtain comprehensive information.

Non-UK Resident Private Medical Insurance

If you are coming to live, work or study in the UK from abroad, it is first worth checking if your employer has a private medical insurance scheme for employees to which you can be added.

If not, and you require cover for yourself and your family, many companies in the UK offer private medical insurance for non-UK residents. To receive a comparison of costs and benefits of suitable plans available, complete and submit the health insurance application inquiry, and you will be contacted by one of our specialist international medical insurance brokers. They will be able to talk you through the costs, cover, and options available. We hope you will find the comparison of private medical insurance valuable.

Reviewing an existing company health insurance plan

Companies need to review existing group private medical insurance plans annually; there can often be a considerable saving from an alternative company offering comparable cover but at a reduced premium. Many corporate insurers will also take over existing company schemes allowing for existing or recent claims, so do not think it would not be worth reviewing your company scheme even if you have had recent requests.

Please complete the contact details if you wish to consider a company health insurance scheme or review your existing plan. One of our specialist team will get in touch to provide a quotation comparison.

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