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Emergency Dental Care USA is a network of dental offices dedicated to providing emergency and non-emergency patients with same-day appointments. Emergency Dental Care, which is inspired by urgent care medical clinics, provides much-needed services on weekends, evenings, and holidays. Most offices are open seven days a week and can usually treat walk-in patients.

They accept various payment methods and offer to finance to those who qualify. They accept most dental insurance on an indemnity basis (on the patient’s behalf), and many patients return for non-emergency dental care.

Emergency Dental Care USA Locations


  • Colorado Springs
  • Denver


  • Des Moines


  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Orlando


  • Minneapolis


  • Omaha


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  • Columbia


Fort Worth
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San Antonio


  • Arlington


  • Everett
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  • Lynnwood
  • Seattle
  • Tacoma

Emergency Dental Care USA Services

Dental offices provide dental care during normal business hours, after hours, and on weekends. They provide a full range of general and emergency dental services so you can get the help you need immediately.

They also see non-emergency patients. Their extended hours make it easier to fit dental care into your schedule.

Dental Exam & X-Rays

Toothaches, or pain around the teeth, gums, or jaw, can be caused by several oral health issues, including a dental cavity, cracked or chipped tooth, exposed tooth root, gum disease, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, or dental empyema or infection.

A dental exam and x-ray are the only ways to determine the source of your toothache. It is important to note that while tooth pain may go away temporarily, it rarely goes away permanently unless a dentist identifies and addresses the cause. If left untreated, these issues can quickly escalate into other oral issues or complications, requiring more expensive treatments or even the loss of the tooth or teeth. Oral hygiene is also important for your overall health and well-being.

Root Canals

Every tooth has one or more roots. Up to four roots can be found on a large molar in the back of the mouth. An abscess at the root of a tooth can cause inflammation and pain. When this occurs, our dentists clean out the affected tooth’s canals, cure the abscess, fill the canal with gutta-percha (a rubber-like material), top it off with filling, and cap the tooth with a new crown to keep it from breaking.

Cavity Fillings

Cavities are decay-caused holes in your teeth. Dental cavities are the leading cause of toothaches, and they also cause infections and tooth loss. Cavities should be treated immediately to avoid unnecessary pain and expense. They will remove the decay, clean the tooth, and place a filling to make your tooth pain-free and as good as new.

Crown Treatment

A dental crown is a cap fixed over a tooth to strengthen and improve its appearance. They will prepare the tooth and fit you with a new crown if you have lost part of a crown, suffered a tooth fracture, or if your dentist deems it necessary.

Bridge Treatment

Bridges are constructed to replace missing teeth. They can replace a single tooth or several teeth next to each other. A bridge, unlike partial dentures, is permanently attached to your teeth.

Common Extractions

Tooth extraction is always a last resort. They will first try to repair the tooth with a root canal or a crown. However, if a tooth needs to be extracted, they will handle it for you, using a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.

Surgical Extractions

Surgical extractions are sometimes required for teeth that need to be extracted but cannot be easily accessed by the dentist. You will be given a local anesthetic, as with standard extractions, to make you more comfortable during the procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Most people have wisdom teeth but cannot keep them clean or do not have enough space in their mouths for their wisdom teeth to break through their gums completely. Wisdom teeth can occasionally partially break through, allowing decay to set in. Tooth decay can afflict the tooth and the surrounding area, causing significant pain. If you are suffering from pain caused by a decaying wisdom tooth, Emergency Dental Care can treat the infection and, if necessary, retrieve the tooth.

Broken/Chipped Teeth

As teeth are strong, a bad fall or blow can cause a tooth to chip, crack, or break. Exposed nerves on broken teeth are sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks, limiting what you can eat and causing severe pain. Their dentists can restore tooth chips with tooth-colored materials or place a crown over the tooth.

Periodontal Scalings (Gum Cleanings)

Gum disease is treated with periodontal or “gum” cleanings. Gum disease is caused by creating plaque and tartar on the teeth. Plaque causes gums to become inflamed and easily bleed over time, resulting in gingivitis. Gingivitis, if left untreated, can progress to periodontal disease, which causes the gums to pull away from the teeth. The disease can destroy bones, gums, and mouth tissue in painful pockets. Their dentists can treat this serious and painful condition with scaling or root planing.

Abscesses & Swollen Jaw

A jaw, tooth, or gum abscess is a swelling. Swelling can indicate diverse underlying issues, including cavities, infected root canals, diseased gums, or even a broken jaw. Their dentists will thoroughly examine your mouth, teeth, and gums to determine and treat the source of your mouth pain.

Dentures & Denture Repair

Dentures have been used for decades times to replace missing teeth. If you are missing teeth and need dentures for the first time, they can design or fix a high-quality set of full or partial dentures just for you.

Emergency Dental Care USA Phone Number

For sending messages, go through this link- https://www.emergencydental.com/contact/.

Emergency Dental Care USA Employment Opportunities

There is an employment opportunity. Go through this link to have it- https://www.emergencydental.com/employment-opportunities-temp/

In conclusion, Emergency Dental Care USA’s Priority Pass program saves patients time and money. Emergency Dental Care USA’s top priority is customer service, and they guarantee that patients receive the highest quality, fastest medical care possible.

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