Emory Patient Portal Review-2024

Emory Healthcare, a part of Emory University, is Georgia’s greatest comprehensive educational health system. They have over 250 provider locations, 11 hospitals, and the Emory Clinic. The Emory Healthcare Network was founded in 2011 with more than 2,800 doctors specializing in 70 different subspecialties, making it the largest clinically integrated network in Georgia.

Emory Patient Portal Mission

The mission is to enhance the health of people and communities both at home and abroad.


Emory Patient Portal Vision

Become the premier academic center for health sciences that transforms health and healing through research, instruction, care, and treatment.


Emory Patient Portal Values

  • They are the epitome of excellence, innovation, and teamwork.
  • Everyone is treated with respect, consideration, and compassion.
  • They value inclusion, equity, and diversity.
  • To maximize value, they steward their resources responsibly.
  • They provide honest service.


Emory Patient Portal Services

They have a variety of services and programs. Go through this link to know the details-https://www.emoryhealthcare.org/centers-programs/index.html.


How to find a Provider?

To find a Provider go through this link- https://www.emoryhealthcare.org/physician-finder/index.html.

Search by providing condition, specialty, or name.


Emory Patient Portal Locations

To know where they are located, go through this link- https://www.emoryhealthcare.org/locations/index.html.

Search the locations by entering the zip code.


Emory Patient Portal Contacts

For contact, dial these numbers- 404-778-7777 or 1-800-75-EMORY

There are many more numbers of their other institutions. Go through this link to know- https://www.emoryhealthcare.org/contact/index.html

You can also send them an email- [email protected]


Emory Patient Portal Hours

They are available from 7:30 AM through 6 PM from Monday through Friday.


Emory Patient Login Portal 

Provide your username and password.

  • You can reset your username or password if you can’t recall it.

For the username, go through this link- https://mychart.emoryhealthcare.org/MyChart-prd/recoverlogin.asp.

Fill up the details and submit them.

For the password, go through this link- https://mychart.emoryhealthcare.org/MyChart-prd/passwordreset.asp.

Fill up the required details.

Provide your name, address, and other required information.


Emory Patient Portal Pay Bill

Online is the fastest, safest, and simplest way to pay your Emory Healthcare bill and view your statements. We won’t ever charge you extra for online bill payments; you can access your account whenever possible.

Go through this link to learn more details- https://www.emoryhealthcare.org/billpay/index.html.

Moreover, you can also pay online as a guest through this link- https://mychart.emoryhealthcare.org/mychart-prd/billing/guestpay.

Provide your account and guarantor’s last name, security check-up, and other information.

Note- [The person in charge of making the payment on the bill is the guarantor. Your statement contains the guarantor’s name and account number.]


Emory Patient Portal Web Address

Twitter- https://twitter.com/emoryhealthcare

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/emoryhealthcare/

Youtube- https://www.facebook.com/emoryhealthcare/

In conclusion, Emory Healthcare works hard to provide high-quality care, first-rate support, and openness.

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