Henry Ford Health System Facilities & Locations-2022

Henry Ford Health System is a non-profit health organization in Metro Detroit. It’s a comprehensive and integrated organization with its headquarters at One Ford Place, Detroit, Michigan, USA. Henry Ford himself established this organization in 1915, and now it is run by a 17-member board of trustees. This company serves the area of Metro Detroit, Southeast Michigan.

The current CEO of this organization is Wright Lassiter III. As of 2019, its revenue hit USD 5.8 billion, and its net income hit $86.6 million. It currently has about 31,600 employees and approximately 6.200 nurses working, according to the 2019 stats. There are also 1,200 physicians practicing in 40 specialties. All these numbers make Henry Ford the fifth largest employer in Detroit and also the most diverse. Henry Ford Health System also owns Health Alliance Plan, a health insurance company.

Hospitals & Services

Henry Ford Health System offers acute, specialty, primary, and preventive care backed by its excellence in education and research. Henry Ford’s regional hospital and services include-

  • Henry Ford Hospital
  • Henry Ford Allegiance Health
  • Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals
  • Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
  • Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
  • Henry Ford Kings wood Hospital.

More of the hospitals managed by this health system is-

  • Henry Ford Hospital

Founded in 1915, it has a bed count of 877, and it is situated in an emergency department and a Level I Trauma Center. The official website for Henry Ford Hospital is Henry Ford Hospital.

  • Henry Ford Kings Wood Hospital

Situated in Ferndale with a bed count of 100, it is a psychiatric hospital run by Henry Ford Health System, and its official website is Henry Ford Kingswood Hospital.

  • Henry Ford Macomb Hospital

Situated in Clinton Township with a bed count of 361, it has an emergency service and a Level II Trauma Center. The official website for Henry Ford Macomb Hospital is Henry Ford Macomb Hospital.

  • Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

Situated at West Bloomfield with a bed count of 191, it has an emergency service facility, and the official website for this hospital is Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.

  • Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital

Situated in Wyandotte with a bed count of 401, it has an emergency service facility, and to know more about this hospital, visit- Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.

  • Henry Ford Allegiance Health

Situated in Jackson with a bed count of 475, it has an emergency service facility and a Level II Trauma Center. It was founded in 1918, but it joined the Henry Ford Health System in 2018. Before joining Henry Ford, it was formerly known as Allegiance Health and Foote Hospital. To learn more, visit- Henry Ford Allegiance Health.

  • Naruvi Hospital

Situated in Vellore in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, it has a bed count of 475, and it was established just recently, in 2020. It has an emergency service facility, but the hospital itself is tied up between Henry Ford Health System and The Naruvi Hospitals. To know more, visit- Naruvi Hospital.

Henry Ford’s Virtual Care:

Virtual Care program allows patients to get access to healthcare or consult a doctor anytime, anywhere. Henry Ford System provides patients with an opportunity to engage with a doctor conveniently. There are four ways of accessing virtual care at Henry Ford-

  • Video Visits

Video Visits are secure and convenient for patients to access healthcare from their homes. It allows a patient to effectively get advice from a Henry Ford doctor through video calls and chats. So, now, the patients don’t have to bother themselves with visiting the doctor’s chambers when they’re sick.
In case of needing medical care from your home through video visits service, a patient can use a service called Video Visits on Demand to get access to healthcare from a professional immediately. To know more, visit- Video Visits on Demand.
A patient can also access the Scheduled Video Visit’s convenient service to get a routine or follow-up visit to the doctor.
To access specialized doctors from different clinics, patients can use the service called- Clinic-to-Clinic Video Visits.

  • Email and Messaging

In this service, a patient can access E- Visit through MyChart, in which a patient submits a form describing their symptoms straight to their doctors in a secure way. To know more, visit- E- Visits.
Patients can also access a secure conversation in MyChart Messaging with their physician or doctor if necessary.

  • Medical Advice

For non-emergency causes and advice, a patient can contact the 24/7 available MyCare Advice Line.
Here, they can consult with an experienced nurse in the events of sick child/sick adult care, medication questions, self-care tips, assistance deciding next steps for care.

  • Remote Monitoring

In the case of a chronic health condition, patients can now monitor and track their health from the comfort of their homes. They can also send it to their doctors to update their health conditions. It can also prevent patients from going to the hospital in avoidable situations, alert them of emergencies, and increase their quality of life. To know more, visit- Telehealth Remote Monitoring.

Other than all these, Henry Ford System also owns and operates nine emergency departments (ED) and forty general medical centers, and seven specialized medical facilities.

Other Service and Facilities of Henry Ford Health System:

Henry Ford Health System also supports patients who have a MyChart account.

There are numerous services which this health company provides. The hospitals, clinics, medical centers, special facilities, and other institutions offer patients this health care.

Community Health & COVID-19 Situation:

COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on community health unlike ever before. For that reason, it was more important for healthcare to be prioritized than ever before. As we reflect on the past year, many lives have been lost to the coronavirus, and numerous families have broken. Henry Ford believes in giving its patients care with value and effectiveness. Henry Ford offered its members certain services during the COVID-19 pandemic, making their lives a bit easier to live. To know more about the Henry Ford Health System, visit their official website at Henry Ford.

Henry Ford opened a page to inform and update people about the pandemic situation. To learn more, visit- Henry Ford Community Health COVID-19.