Best Medica Insurance Advantage Plans

What are the Best Medica Insurance Advantage Plans in 2024?

Medica Insurance is a not-for-profit organization that provides healthcare plans in certain states of the USA. The states covered by Medica are Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Medica Insurance empowers communities by listening to their voices and needs and devoting their time and resources to help them. Medica collaborates with Medica Foundation that provides more than $1 million grants annually to help the communities.

Types of Network Offered by Medica Insurance Plans

Medica Insurance offers HMO-POS and PPO type network to the members. So what are HMO-POS and PPO networks?


An HMO-POS or Health Maintenance Organisation-Point of Service is a Medicare Advantage plan. It is an HMO plan that gives you the flexibility to seek care outside of the traditional HMO network. However, you can only go outside the network under certain conditions or for certain treatments. Members might have to pay extra fees to use the POS option.


A PPO or Preferred Provider Organisation plan allows you to seek health care from doctors and hospitals outside the traditional network. As a result, you can access a wide range of health care professionals and facilities. However, members have to pay additional fees when they visit out-of-network doctors. PPO medical and healthcare providers are termed as preferred providers.

Healthcare Plans

Medica Insurance offers robust healthcare plans to their members of the eight states. These include plans for individual and family, employers, Medicare, MN Health Care Programs, and much more. Let’s take a brief look at the plans offered by Medica.

Employer-Provided Plans

Medica Insurance provides healthcare plans to employers of both small and large-scale businesses. Employers then offer these plans to their employees who select the networks according to their needs. The following plans are offered by Medica for employers –

  • Altru & You with Medica
  • Clear Value with Medica
  • Essential Choice Care with Medica
  • Medica Choice National
  • Medica Choice Passport
  • Park Nicollet First with Medica
  • Medica CompleteHealth
  • Medica Elect
  • VantagePlus with Medica
  • Medica Essential
  • Medica Focus
  • Ridgeview Community Network powered by Medica
  • Medica with CHI Health

Individual & Family Health Plans

Medica Insurance provides various healthcare plans for individual and family members. However, the plans differ from one another in each of the eight states. Here is a list of individual and family health plans of all the eight states:


  • Medica InsureSM
  • Elevate by MedicaSM


Healthcare plans in Kansas are divided into two categories based on the counties of the state:

Kansas City and Topeka Metro: Medica offers Select by MedicaSM in Douglas, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Leavenworth, Miami, Shawnee, and Wyandotte counties.

Greater Kansas: Medica offers Medica ConnectSM and Medica with Healthier YouSM in all other counties except Kansas City and Topeka Metro.


  • Medica® Applause®
  • Altru Prime by MedicaSM
  • Engage by MedicaSM
  • North Memorial Acclaim by MedicaSM
  • Ridgeview Distinct by MedicaSM


Medica Insurance offers Select by MedicaSM in the Kansas City metro area.


  • Medica InsureSM
  • Elevate by MedicaSM
  • Medica with CHI HealthSM

North Dakota

  • Medica Individual ChoiceSM
  • Altru Prime by MedicaSM


  • Medica QuestSM
  • Harmony by MedicaSM


  • Medica Individual ChoiceSM
  • Engage by MedicaSM

Medicare Plans

Medica Insurance provides Medicare plans for its members of all the nine states. They offer Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement plans, and Prescription Drug Coverage. These plans provide many more benefits than the Original Medicare Parts A and B.

MN Health Care Programs

Medica offers Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) based on eligibility for Medical Assistance/Medicare, age, certified disability, and location.

Plans for people under age 65 with certified disabilities

  • Special Needs BasicCare (SNBC)
  • Special Needs BasicCare with Medicare (HMO D-SNP)

Plans for people age 65 or older

  • Minnesota Senior Care Plus (MSC+)
  • Minnesota Senior Health Options (HMO D-SNP) (MSHO)

Other Plans

Besides these, Medica Insurance provides Delta Dental plans for individuals and families living in Minnesota, Nebraska, and North Dakota. Moreover, Medica also offers pet insurance for cats and dogs.

As you can see, Medica Insurance offers a wide range of health care plans for its members. If you are staying in any of the nine mentioned states, you can contact the agents who provide Medica plans. You should select the healthcare plan that best meets your requirements.


Frequently Ask Questions:


  1. In which states is Medica available?

Medica Insurance provides healthcare plans in the following 9 states:

  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • North Dakota
  • Nebraska
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
  1. Is Medica HMO or PPO?

Medica Insurance offers –

  • HMO-POS: Home Maintenance Organisation – Point of Service
  • PPO: Preferred Provider Organisation


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