Mhs Genesis Patient Portal Review-2024

MHS GENESIS Patient Portal may take charge of your medical treatment and have safe, round-the-clock access to your electronic health record. Using the Portal, you can contact your MEDDAC-AK healthcare team whenever and wherever it’s convenient. While you get care at the Hospital, our outlying clinics and all other military healthcare facilities employing MHS GENESIS, TRICARE Online encrypted communications, and RelayHealth are replaced.

Mhs Genesis Patient Portal Benefits

  • View the details of your health
  • Securely communicate with your care team via texts.
  • Make an appointment for medical care.
  • Renew your prescriptions here
  • View the clinical notes you’ve received and specific lab/test outcomes, including blood tests

Mhs Genesis Patient Portal Access Requirements

Three requirements must be met to use the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal:

  1. You must have used MHS GENESIS to access care at a location. This can be as easy as going to the pharmacy to pick up your medication, making an appointment to see your doctor in the clinic, or going to the emergency room. During in-processing at Ft. Wainwright, a record of care for each active duty service member is created in MHS GENESIS.
  2. You must create a username and password for your DS Logon account at the following website:
  3. Logging in and upgrading your account to Premium is required if you currently have a DS Logon.

*Please note: The online application procedure to create a DS login account takes around 10 minutes. Although some questions may appear intrusive, they are there to secure your information. This detail is required to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access to your health information. To create your account, you only need to complete this application once. Active duty personnel and employees with a common access card (CAC) may log in via the DS Logon website.

Mhs Genesis Patient Portal Acess

Visit the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal to register and use it-

  • To access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, you must create a DS Logon account if you neither have a common access card (CAC) nor a MyPay account.
  • You must undergo a quick verification process so that MHS GENESIS can verify your identity and guarantee the greatest levels of cyber security and protection for your health information. 
  • A 4-question quiz will be given to you with 3 minutes to finish to confirm your identity. Your DoD ID number, which can be located on your military ID card, and some private information, such as answers to financial queries and former addresses, may be requested in response.
  • You will generate your MHS GENESIS Patient Portal password during the online enrollment procedure. Every 180 days, a new password will have to be made.
  • Once your DS Logon has been successfully generated, select “Upgrade To Premium Account” to upgrade this account to Premium Access so you can check your health information.
  • Active-duty military personnel and their families must maintain their TRICARE Online accounts. It’s possible that when you PCS from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, the military hospital or clinic in your area won’t yet be using MHS GENESIS.

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