Motivation Letter For Master Degree In Public Health

Motivation Letter For Master Degree In Public Health

A Master of Public Health can lead to a very exciting career in the public health field. Because they provide graduates with a wide range of career options, master’s programs in public health are currently among the most sought-after post-graduate degrees.

You will need to submit a motivation letter with your application for the Master’s in public health, so we have one ready for you today. The MPH program offered by one of the top universities in Great Britain focuses on the motivational letter we have created. Still, you can easily adapt the sample for a different university’s MPH program.

One Sample:

Dear Sir/Madam

I recently received my medical degree from the Medical University in Lisbon, Portugal. With this letter, I’d like to apply for the Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH) program at Imperial College London because I think prevention is preferable to treatment. Governments can save money and improve citizen well-being by implementing preventive measures and promoting health. As a result, public health is crucial because it protects the country.

After reading the course description, I realized that it combines knowledge of epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Health research techniques with expertise in public health. Because I’m interested in honing the research skills necessary for a career in public health, I think it’s appropriate for me. I want to broaden my knowledge in this area and work toward a future career that will let me be creative and innovative while helping those with little money take better care of themselves.

I spent six years studying public health and medicine in Portugal. The curriculum included classes in environmental health, biostatistics, health concepts, primary care, epidemiology, health information systems, occupational health, school health, and health economy and management. It also covered the research methodologies for communicable and non-communicable diseases. As part of my training, I completed a residency at the Santa Maria hospital during my final year of study. In my second year of study, I also took primary healthcare as a separate subject.

As a student, I was interested in extracurricular activities and frequently attended medical and research seminars. I also worked as an infectious disease control consultant during the summer of 2017 in response to the malaria outbreak in southern Mauritania.

I am a dedicated worker eager to assume a leadership position and possess a high capacity for continuous learning. I am a very outgoing, courteous, and social person. I enjoy making new friends and interacting with people from various cultural backgrounds. That is very rewarding to me. I’m creative and enjoy reading and playing the piano in my spare time.

Since the UK is home to some of the most esteemed universities in the world and offers a diverse population in terms of culture, race, and ethnicity, we can all benefit from learning from one another. I want to continue my education and pursue a doctorate at a prestigious university after I finish my master’s program.

I’m confident that the Master of Public Health program at Imperial College London will give me the knowledge and abilities I’ll need for my future career. I am also confident that I will exert every effort to finish this program.

I appreciate you considering my request and eagerly await your response.

Faithfully yours,

Niha Marinna

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