Mychart Memorial Healthcare System-

Mychart Memorial Healthcare System-2024

MemorialCare is a nonprofit health system comprising four hospitals, two medical groups, imaging centers, surgical centers, and much more. As one of the leading health systems in Orange and Los Angeles Country, they are self-assured that no matter what your necessities are, they have the teams, tools, and know-how to take care of every step your way.

They have big dreams for healthcare’s future, so they work daily to make high-quality care more accessible and affordable. You can trust that they will look after you whether you need a check-up or cardiac surgery.

Mychart memorial healthcare Locations

They are located at these places;

  • Long Beach Medical Center
  • Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital
  • Orange Coast Medical Center
  • Saddleback Medical Center
  • MemorialCare Medical Group
  • Greater Newport Physicians
  • Select Health Plan

Mychart memorial healthcare Services

There are many services provided;

Heart & Vascular Care

MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute is setting the standard for treating complex cardiovascular disease with the least invasive technique for patients.

Minimally invasive heart procedures, such as Transurethral Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) and nonsurgical heart valve surgery, are the focus of the MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute. Patients benefit from fewer problems, less scarring, greater comfort, and faster recoveries when using these innovative techniques.

As a premier heart and vascular institute, we provide personalized prevention programs, expert physicians, cutting-edge diagnostics, advanced treatment, rehabilitation, research, and care. They are committed to providing every patient with the highest level of patient and family-centered care.

  • Heart & Vascular Services include;
  • Heart Attack Signs or Symptoms
  • Cardiac Care Team
  • Heart Healthy Articles
  • Cardiac Catheterization
Cancer Care

MemorialCare is proud to offer adults and children of all ages the highest quality, all-inclusive cancer care. Their cancer centers are dedicated to improving people’s lives in Los Angeles, Orange Counties, California, and beyond.

Women’s Care

It’s no exaggeration to say that MemorialCare tailors its comprehensive healthcare to you. They keep you healthy and care for you when you’re not, from education and prevention to diagnosis and treatment. They distinguish themselves through our dedicated Breast Centers and expertise in specialty maternity care, minimally invasive robotic surgery, and cutting-edge heart and vascular procedures. They are unique, and you deserve to be treated as such.

Joint Replacement

MemorialCare Joint Replacement Centers provide a full range of care, including hip, knee, shoulder, and ankle replacement, to ensure long-term results. You’ll find the joint care you need to move forward, from expert orthopedic specialists to being ranked among the top 10% of orthopedic hospitals in the country to offering Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery—a groundbreaking new technology that allows for more acceptable precision, better outcomes, and a faster recovery time. They also encourage same-day movement, allowing most patients to return home less than two days after surgery so that future adventures are only a step away.

Breast Care

For breast care, you will find services at these locations;

MemorialCare Breast Center

2810 Long Beach Blvd.

Long Beach

(562) 933-7880

MemorialCare Breast Center – Los Alamitos

11121 Los Alamitos Blvd.

Suite B

Los Alamitos

(562) 933-7880

MemorialCare Breast Center

9900 Talbert Avenue

Suite 102

Fountain Valley

(714) 378-7955

MemorialCare Breast Center – Huntington Beach

7055 Yorktown Ave.

Suite 102

Huntington Beach

(714) 378-7955

MemorialCare Breast Center – Newport Beach

2001 Westcliff Drive

Suite 103

Newport Beach

(714) 378-7955

MemorialCare Breast Center – Sand Canyon

15500 Sand Canyon Avenue

Suite 120


(949) 452-7200

MemorialCare Breast Center – Barranca

4040 Barranca Pkwy.

Suite 110


(949) 452-7200

MemorialCare Breast Center

24401 Calle de la Louisa

Suite 300

Laguna Hills

(949) 452-7200

MemorialCare Breast Center – Rancho Mission Viejo

30492 Gateway Place

Suite 100

Rancho Mission Viejo

(949) 452-7200

Stroke Care

By participating in the American Heart Association’s Get with the Guidelines-Stroke program, MemorialCare is dedicated to improving stroke care for the people they serve. They proudly support two stroke-neurology receiving centers in Orange and Long Beach. Their medical centers provide highly trained medical professionals and cutting-edge technologies that establish a new standard of care for stroke patients.

Pediatric Care

Pediatricians are available to assist your child in growing up happy and healthy. Their care team helps guide your child to healthy adulthood by performing routine wellness checks, giving you the peace of mind that every parent requires. Their Pediatricians are dedicated to your child every step of the way, from everyday bumps and bruises to developmental and social challenges. Furthermore, their pediatric care will benefit more than just children. Their pediatricians also offer advice and support to parents, assisting them in learning how to provide the best nutrition and care for their children.

Primary Care

In numerous facilities across Southern California, MemorialCare provides patients with primary care services in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, and urgent care. Among the many renowned medical groups connected to MemorialCare are the MemorialCare Medical Group and Greater Newport Physicians.

Urgent Care

MemorialCare makes it simple to locate an urgent care facility near you. Whether you prefer virtual or in-person visits, our skilled team of urgent care physicians can treat a wide range of adult and pediatric non-life-threatening emergencies, including fevers, colds, sprains, and more. Their virtual urgent care services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you and your family can get the care you need quickly – whenever and wherever you need it. We welcome walk-in patients for onsite maintenance, but you can also “reserve your spot” online to make an appointment at one of our urgent care facilities in Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Long Beach (Los Altos), San Juan Capistrano, Costa Mesa, or Westminster.

Spinal Care

The patient navigator will assist you in establishing the care plan recommended by the triage provider. You may be directed to one of their participating providers for care:

  • Neurosurgeon
  • Surgeon in orthopedics
  • Physiatrist (Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist)
  • Pain management expert
  • Therapist of Physical Medicine
Digestive Care

MemorialCare provides specialized diagnostics and services for digestive disorders through onsite Gastroenterology Labs and a dedicated Bowel Disorder and Motility Center. We are dedicated to providing each patient with extraordinary care and attention. Our Digestive Care Centers concentrate on outpatient procedures for health and disorders related to gastroenterology.

Weight-Loss Surgery

The MemorialCare Surgeons Weight Loss Center has been established at Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley. It includes a weight-loss surgery group for 75 pounds or more overweight.

The MemorialCare Surgical Weight Loss Center has everything you need, from our highly qualified, experienced surgeons to our caring support team of nutritionists, psychologists, and others, to help you with a successful weight-loss surgery.

Blood Donation

MemorialCare is dedicated to meeting our community’s ongoing blood supply needs through blood donation programs.

Every day, someone like you saves a life by simply donating blood. Although more than half of the population in the United States is eligible to donate, only about 5% do so. More than 1,000 units of blood are used in life-saving procedures at our medical centers each month for adults, children, and newborns.

Surgical Care

MemorialCare collaborates closely with its patients to select the best surgical procedure for the best results and quick recovery. Because they believe that less is more, our surgeons take the least invasive approach possible. Their patients rely on us to provide cutting-edge technology and excellent care.

When surgery is the best option, MemorialCare provides a variety of surgical approaches, ranging from traditional open surgery to minimally invasive surgery. Making the best decision together, they put your needs and patient safety first.

Imaging & Radiology

Our fully certified, high-quality, advanced imaging and breast centers can be found from Long Beach to San Clemente, close to where you live and work. We provide unrivaled options, convenience, and the support of qualified subspecialty radiologists by providing hospital-based and community-based outpatient imaging centers.

Sports Medicine

Primary Care Sports Medicine Specialists are doctors who have received extensive training in treating and preventing sports-related illness and injury. MemorialCare Medical Group has dedicated Primary Care Sports Medicine Specialists to treat athletic-related injuries. Non-surgical treatments for musculoskeletal problems such as sprains, muscle strains, fractures, tendonitis, and osteoarthritis are available through our sports medicine service. To help you perform better physically, our specialists also encourage healthy lifestyle choices and offer nutrition, supplement, and ergogenic aid recommendations.

Rehabilitation Services

MemorialCare is proud to provide a continuum of rehabilitation services using cutting-edge technology.

They aim to maximize each patient’s level of independence and quality of life, whether that be through physical, occupational, or speech therapy.

Physical Therapy

MemorialCare provides a comprehensive range of physical therapy services. Using tried-and-true programs and activities, their hospital-based PT programs and outpatient facilities can treat patients of all ages, from infants to older adults. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, sports medicine rehabilitation, hand therapy, postural control, post-surgery rehabilitation, ergonomics injury protection, occupational health, aquatic therapy, synth soft tissue mobility, and other services are available.

You can receive treatments from their physical and sports therapists to help you quickly feel better from an illness, surgery, or injury.

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In conclusion, The Mychart system has provided Memorial Healthcare System with an automated, efficient, and paperless means of managing the hospital’s vital statistics records. Mychart allows the hospital to create a centralized system for patient record storage. Memorial Hospital administrators can review all of the patient data in a patient’s chart, as well as examine trends or patterns to help in the planning of new services or facilities.

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