Nonprofit Association Of The Midlands Review

Nonprofit Association Of The Midlands Review-2024

Nonprofit Associations of the Midlands’ goal is to support the healthy development of children and families by expanding childcare options and communicating current childcare professionals with residents, businesses, and early childhood development resources.

They have many action plans. Check out the information below.

Nonprofit Association Of The Midlands Staff

Anne Hindery

Tracy Shutt

Steve Peterson

Rosey Higgs

Kelly Koepsell

Hannah Young

Abby Hughes

Aaron Taylor

Aaron Riley

Nonprofit Association Of The Midlands Finacial Services

Financial services are;

  • Accounts Receivable:

Keep track of incoming revenue and pledges, as well as bank deposits.

Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis:

NAM Financial Services can provide financial reporting and analytics customized to your organization’s needs monthly or quarterly. Furthermore, the Financial Services Director can attend Board or Finance Committee meetings to present reports and answer questions. Bank reconciliations and month-end journal entries are included.

Contribute to the financial portion of local foundation grant reports:

Reports that compare actual spending to project budgets, either interim or final.

  • Producing a new employee in your payroll system:

Ensure all required information, such as insurance and retirement plan deductions, is entered into your payroll system.

  • Consulting Services:

The consultant assists your organization in problem-solving and goal attainment by sharing expertise and knowledge. Depending on the needs, services may include help and support with special projects, process improvement suggestions, related task assistance, or day-to-day work to augment or supplement staff. One-time projects are also available, such as creating or fine-tuning your chart of accounts, assisting with Form 990 preparation, transmitting to or establishing QuickBooks, or creating budget layouts to resemble Financial Statements for better comparative reports.

Rates are provided for individual services;

  • Consulting Services at $125 per hour
  • $75 per hour for work done at your place of business
  • $65 per hour for working remotely
  • $55 per hour to attend meetings of the Board of Directors or the Finance Committee

Clients will be charged for QuickBooks and fees.

Nonprofit Association Of The Midlands Membership benefits

There are many membership benefits they provide;

Education and Networking

  • Nonprofit Board Training
  • Nonprofit Finance Training
  • Nonprofit Human Resources Training
  • Community Events & Training Calendar
  • Networking Groups
  • Annual Conferences:

Nebraska Nonprofit Conference – Kearney
Nonprofit Summit of the Midlands – Omaha
Hastings Nonprofit Leadership Conference

  • Grant Writing Palooza
  • Nonprofit Executive Institute
  • Rising Leaders Institute

Nonprofit Management

  • Use of Conference Room
  • Guidelines and Principles
  • Award of the Best Practices Partnership
  • Financial and Accounting Services for members only
  • Executive Transition Toolkit – Succession Planning
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Filament Essential Nonprofit Services
  • NAM Staff Assistance Visits

Employee Benefits

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • 403(b) Retirement Plan
  • Health Insurance (Benefit Connection)
  • Annual Salary and Benefits Survey Report
  • Nonprofit Career Center

Community Information

  • Community Compass (a map with information about every nonprofit in Nebraska and western Iowa)
  • Member mapping
  • Economic Impact Report, Nebraska Nonprofits

Nonprofit Insurance

  • Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Crime Coverage
  • General Liability
  • Property Insurance

Vendor Discounts

  • SAVE ON CRM, np management, fundraising, websites, events, and other software
  • Members Save $624 off GrantStation
  • Business Partners offer discounts to Members
  • ZOOM video teleconferencing
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Save on Firespring Website Technology Services
  • Save on Bloomerang donor management software
  • Our preferred national background check vendor
  • Office Depot/Office Max
  • NATIONAL EVERYTHING WHOLESALE – one-stop-shop for all your facility and office supply requirements
  • National Council of Nonprofits Benefits for Members

How to Sign in?

To sign into the account, go through this link-

You can log in with Facebook or Linkedin.

Or, you can log in by providing your username or Password.


How to rest your Password?

If you forgot your Password, you can reset it through this link-

Here, provide your username or email and tap reset password.

Nonprofit Association Of The Midlands to Join in

If you are not registered yet, Click here to join at

Here, you will find many membership types. Choose them according to your preference.

Nonprofit Association Of The Midlands Location

They are located at,

1111 North 13th St, Ste 213

Omaha, NE 68102

Nonprofit Association Of The Midlands Phone Number

To contact them, call this number- (402) 557- 5800

Nonprofit Association Of The Midlands Web Address

  • Linkedin-
  • Facebook-
  • Twitter-
  • Youtube-

The National Association of the Mid-States Careers (NAMSC) is a nonprofit association that promotes many businesses throughout Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The organization helps members exploit new and existing markets through membership, marketing, and networking opportunities. NAMSC also raises awareness for the Mid-States careers by providing information, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

In conclusion, the Nonprofit Association of the Middles allows nonprofits, donors, and volunteers to increase their impact on the community. The organization thanks the generosity of donors that have made the organization successful. The organization also credits the volunteers for their hard work.



Who governs not-for-profit organizations?

Nonprofit organizations—organizations whose purpose is for the common good—are critical societal institutions. These organizations bring education, jobs, and assistance to individuals and support the common good. Nonprofit organizations govern nonprofit organizations.

Is the national charity league a nonprofit

The National Charity League is a charitable organization that strives to empower young women to become community leaders.  National Charity League includes Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Delaware chapters.

National Charity League is a nonprofit organization that prepares girls for leadership roles through community service. NCL members are girls in first through fifth grade who want to impact their community and the lives of others positively. Girls are introduced to various service projects and guided through planning, fundraising, and executing projects.

Is an unincorporated association a nonprofit?

An unincorporated association is an unincorporated association. This means that it is an association that does not have incorporated status. Therefore, unincorporated associations do not qualify for the federal tax exemptions available to incorporated associations and other exempt organizations. However, some states recognize an unincorporated association as a nonprofit for tax purposes.

How to form a nonprofit association?

For nonprofit association members, forming a nonprofit association can often mean the difference between surviving and thriving.  The benefits of creating a nonprofit association range from fulfilling legal obligations to facilitating communication and sharing information among members.

Nonprofit organizations fill a critical societal need and vary widely in purpose and activities. For example, nonprofits promote social and economic justice, advance the arts, or address public health problems. They range from advocacy groups that focus on local issues to national organizations with specific missions. And each nonprofit organization is governed by a set of bylaws.

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