Occupational Health and Safety in Computer Hardware Servicing-2021

Everybody should know the Occupational Health and Safety in Computer Hardware Servicing. Occupational safety and health (OSH) is an organized way of operation to help prevent illness and injury.

It is a place where you work by acknowledging and identifying hazards. There are also risks that you recognize when you work here. A responsible person working in computer and technology should know all the health and safety procedures.

Everyone must possess the skills that are required to work here. The people must recognize the hazards where they are working here. They need to decide how many dangers there are when working in the computer and technology sector. They must remove the threat or modify the risk that it brings with it.

If you are a student of  Information and communication technology (ICT), you should know a couple of things. You should know how to behave when you, working in the computer laboratory.

Alongside that, you must implement a safe way of achieving every task given to you. Safety precautions should be learned early and implemented early.

You always have to be careful when working with any electrical and electronic devices. It includes all personal computers, devices, and belongings. You must learn the proper safety methods so that you and your co-workers can be safe.

Also, you must always care for your safety and surroundings. The basics for this process begin after reading the Occupational Health and Safety Policies.

The safety policies are:

The policies must be remembered to eliminate hazards:

  1. Do not work alone ever. Make sure that there is always someone who can take care of you in case an emergency arises. It is best to stay safe as much as possible. Keep company around at all times.
  2. Make sure to always turn the power off of the computer. Make sure to always unplug the computer before starting to work on it.  It is necessary to follow these rules. Turning the plug for too long may damage the hardware.
  3. Make sure to Take away any kind of liquid like water, tea from your computer. If you keep it near your workplace, it might spill. It is best to avoid accidentally damaging the computer part or avoid getting electrocuted. Water may cause indestructive damage to the monitor and mouse. It may stop working or electrical wires may get damaged.
  4. Sometimes you need to be very careful around electrical tools. It is because these tools can cause a short circuit to happen in your workplace. Short circuits may cause fire outbreaks. To avoid such a scene, be careful when handling a computer device or electrical component.
  5. Make sure to ground or discharge your computer. Make sure to send out electric charges, always before touching any part of the computer. It is so that you do not get any electric shock. It is to prevent some reactions from happening, and the electricity flows straight to the ground.
  6. Make sure not to use excessive force when handling a computer. If things do not slip into place, do not keep pressing. If you do so, it will break. Give time and if it still does not work, go to a store. Do not try to fix problems if you do not know the right cause.
  7. Make sure to clean the area where you will be working, before and after using it. It is to ensure you maintain sanitation and prevent unnecessary accidents. A clean and sanitized workplace will help you focus on work as well.
  8.  Make sure to hold all the components on the edges of your table. Make clear not to touch the Integrated Circuit (IC) parts of your device. It may cause fires or any electric shocks to you.
  9. Make sure to always bring personal protective equipment (PPE) with you. You may never know when you need it. It is better to remain safe always. It will help you protect against diseases and germs. Also, It is made by following the organization’s OHS practices and procedures.
  10. Make sure that the pins are correctly aligned in their places. It is to make sure when connecting a cable connector to your device.
  11. The contingency measures if any mishaps happen in your workplace. It could range from accidents, fires, and other emergencies. It also helps to make you stay alert.
  12. Use the brush, blower, or compressed air when you are cleaning the computer system. Make sure to clean carefully So that all the dust and particles can be eliminated.

Occupational Health and Safety standards

Each student has a responsibility towards their colleagues and coworkers. To maintain a standard, they need to be up to the mark. They need to have a responsibility towards work and a good approach. They need to be sensible and act upon situations of emergencies. Always, they have to report to their organization about everything and act upon any potential workplace hazard that may occur.

Students also need to be aware of the type of hazards which are possibly present. They have to know the necessary precautions that they need to take in their work environment. To avoid accidents, students must be fully educated and knowledgeable.

You can also read Book on: Safety and Health for Engineers by Author Roger L. Brauer

Procedure to identify any hazards:

  1. Firstly, when they see something taking place, they need to identify the type of hazard it is immediately. It could be a short circuit, fire, or electrical shock.
  2. Make sure to make the area of the hazard clear. If anyone or any obstacle is there, signal it or them to be removed. They need to make sure nobody goes close to the hazardous site. Keep the area people free as much as possible.
  3. After that, make sure to partition the hazard off. They need to clearly identify the hazard area to protect other people from any kind of harm. Taking responsibility in a situation like this is extremely risky but rewarding for them.
  4. If the hazard can be simply and safely cleared, then you must do so. As responsible workers, it is their duty to clean and help people. They do their part at clearing any kind of risk and hazard.

If not, then that is not possible:

  1. They need to immediately make a report about the hazard to the appropriate person. This could be the person who is responsible, like the teacher in charge, or the principal, etc. They always need to make sure to obtain assistance. If they do not, it may cause a scenario to become even scarier.
  2. They need to do these, following the clearing of the hazard. They need to fill out the right documentation describing what happened, etc., and they need to assist in finding out the improved practice to reduce any further incidence of hazards that may occur.

Moreover, they need to make sure that all hazards are being reported using the Accidental Report form. Make sure it is the same form or else it might be wrong.  These actions enable the workers to keep track of the kinds of hazards they have in their workplace. It also enables them to take action whenever it may be necessary. The contribution from you will help it to make it safer and risk-free for all students and clients.

Accident reports should be like this:

Forms are always used to provide the specific details of the kind of accident. This is done regarding the accidents that may have happened in the laboratory during experiments or tests.

Accident reports should contain the following information:

  • Name of the injured person
  • Make sure to put the right date and time of the hazard
  • The kind of injury caused
  • The type of first aid that has been given

All these rules and regulations should be maintained for a fair and safe society. If these rules are not, then it may cause a hazard to become serious.

With help and cooperation from everyone, the workers may have an easy time.

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