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Penn State Health Portal- Why it is Worthy?

Penn State Health is a various hospital health system, providing and serving patients and communities across 29 counties in central Pennsylvania, United States of America. It currently employs more than 16,800 people throughout the comprehensive system.

The Wide System of Health

Care includes Penn State Health Children’s Hospital, Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Centre, Penn State Cancer Institute situated in Hershey, Pennsylvania., Penn State Health Holy Spirit Medical Centre in Reading, Pennsylvania, etc. And including more than 3,000 physicians and more than 126 direct care providers outpatient practices in 94 locations. Additionally, the system collaboratively operates with other different health caregivers or providers.

Penn State Health shares a combined judicious plan and various operations with Penn State College of Medicine, the university’s medical school. With campuses situated in State College and Hershey, Pennsylvania, the College of medicine has a portfolio of more than 100 million dollars in funded research.

“What does Penn State Health offer the Services and Treatments? “

Penn State Health offers a wide range of healthcare services at different places like hospitals, advanced care units, etc. Services, Treatments, and Programs that Penn State Health offers are given below:

Penn State Health provides a dynamic environment for patients in Pennsylvania that combines better health, expert treatment, and different programs and services.

– It offers spacious therapy gyms, indoor and outdoor leisure and relaxation area, private rooms, and various other facilities to provide and ensure their patient’s safety, comfort, and healthy progress.

-It also provides daily physician visits and routine check-ups to monitor better patients’ progress.

Penn State Health provides an excellent environment for hospital patients to acquire new skills and strategies daily.

-Physical therapy is offered by professional physical therapists who offer cost-effective treatment that helps relieve pain and improve mobility, decreases the requirement of surgery and prescription drugs or medicine, and allows patients to participate in a recovery plan designed for their specific needs.

-Penn State Health St. Joseph has introduced a monthly educational and emotional support group for people suffering from chronic diseases such as COPD, heart failure, diabetes, and stroke, known as Chronic Disease Wellness Hour.

“Community Programs of Penn State Health”

Members, teams, and individuals working at  Penn State Health have supported the community for decades and happily continue to do so daily.

Below are some of the programs that Penn State Health manages.


This free program is mostly for middle and high school-going students as they are most vulnerable to using drugs due to peer pressure, depression, or various reasons highlighted by their parents. Live role-playing demonstrations showing the realities of living with addiction help parents begin conversations with their children and help them come out of it.

-PAWS ( Pantries and Wellness Support)

PAWS ( Pantries and Wellness Support) team gives blood pressure tests, cardiovascular disease screenings, and flu shots to families that come upon the pantries for food assistance.

-Pediatric Trauma and Injury Prevention Program

The Penn State Health Children’s Hospital Pediatric Trauma and Injury Prevention Program brings doctors, nurses, pediatric surgeons, and others together to deliver exceptionally cross-collaborative care for injured and traumatized and injured children.

-Penn State Pro Wellness Program

The Penn State Pro Wellness Program inspires children, youth, and their families to become healthier choices.

How to Contact Penn State Health? 

In case of an emergency, do not delay and quickly call 911.

Contact information for general information, asking questions, or booking an appointment at Penn State Health :

  • Holy Spirit Medical Centre- Contact: 717 763 2100
  • Penn State Health Children’s Hospital- Contact: 800 243 1455
  • Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Centre- Contact: 800 243 1455
  • Penn State Health St. Joseph Medical Centre- Contact: 610 378 2000

A career in Penn State Health

Penn State Health is a target for aspiration and healing for thousands of patients and their families. Around more than 1,700 trainees and students in Penn State Health study in the field of medicine, nursing, and other healthcare-related professions and biochemical research.

At Penn State Health, their approach to health care is considered bigger than all of them. It helps individuals learn, achieve, share and lift each other to higher. They believe that the hearts and minds of many can make a bigger impact.

If you wish for a career in health care and live in Pennsylvania, Penn State Health is the best option. Many job opportunities are available at Penn State Health, like environmental health workers, medical office associates, medical assistants, etc. And you can apply any of them and flourish in your career and change the lives of thousands of people.

At Penn State Health, by applying for a position, you will have an outstanding opportunity in the healthcare sector and healthcare organizations to connect with patients with their medical requirements and hopes and dreams. Every employee, be it a physician, cleaner, or health care provider, makes a difference in their patient’s lives.

To apply for a job or if you need special accommodation to access job openings, you can contact: 717 531 8440.

Patient Portal of Penn Health State

Penn State Health patient portals are the easiest and most convenient way to view a patient’s personal health information and interconnect with Penn Health State. They encourage all of their patients to create an account to ensure that their patients have easy access to their personal health information.

Patients portals that a patient can use are:

-My Penn State Health

Patients hospitalized in Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Centre or Penn State Health St. Joseph Medical Centre will use this portal.


A patient hospitalized in Holy Spirit Medical Centre or any outpatient clinic will use this portal.

-IQ Health

Those patients who are part of Penn State Health outpatient clinics and live in Berks County will use this portal.

-Care Space (Andrews Patel)

Patients under Andrews Patel will use care space as their portal.

  • Your Health File (All About Children)

Your Health File is a patient portal used by patients of All About Children.

-Follow My Health (Berks Cardiology)

Follow My Health is a patient portal used by patients of Berks Cardiology.

  • Healow (PCCMA)

Healow patient portal is used by Patients of Penn State Health Medical Group – Pulmonary (PCCMA).

  • Follow My Health

10 clinics of Penn State Health use this patient portal. Get More Information From Here.


Penn Health State plays a key role in their patient’s health care, providing a 24/7 health care connection to the information they need to make good decisions related to their health care.

Also, Penn Health State provides its patients with an easy, convenient and secure website that makes it easy and comfortable to communicate with physicians, pay bills, and book appointments.

Penn State Health’s mission is to continually improve the health and well-being of the people of Pennsylvania and beyond.

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