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Smile Time Dental- Why They Best?

Smile Time Dental provides a wide range of services, including general and family dentistry and cosmetic and restorative dentistry, to improve your appearance, confidence, comfort, and overall health. Smile Time General and Family Dental treat your entire family’s dental needs. Only the best, most modern dental tools are used by their staff, who are trained professionals.

Smile time dental Services

General Dentistry

By emphasizing a preventative dental program that will help to preserve natural teeth and stop the onset, progression, and recurrence of dental conditions, Smile Time Dental aims to build cooperative relationships with patients.

Programs for prevention include ongoing care through routine checkups, cleanings, and x-rays. These services aid in the creation of healthy, attractive smiles and assist patients in avoiding extensive and expensive dental work in the future.


If a dental emergency might arise in the comfort of your home, office, vehicle, or anywhere else, speak with a dentist in a matter of minutes.

Get a dental consultation whenever you want and wherever there is a strong internet connection. All you need to receive a dental consultation from one of their authorized TeleDentists in your area is a mobile device or computer with video chat capabilities.

COVID-19 is changing the way. They access patients, and TELEDENTISTRY is doing it easily.


They pledge to give patients a welcoming dental experience, instill a positive outlook on dental care, convey the importance of maintaining dental health, and encourage exceptional oral health and better physical health for the rest of their lives.

The first visit greatly impacts a child’s attitude toward dentistry in the future. They can reduce or even completely eliminate dental anxiety in children if they start by giving them positive dental experiences and introducing them to dentistry in approachable ways. They do that here, and when kids are eager to return, they know they’ve done a good job!


Your smile has undoubtedly evolved. Five years ago, you might not have noticed wear and tear, stains, or changes in the alignment of your teeth. While many mistakenly believe that cosmetic dentistry is only for those with serious issues, it can also be used to restore a youthful smile or correct trauma-related visual defects.

Patients throughout Northern California can have their smiles improved and rebuilt with the help of cosmetic dental services from Smile Time Dental.


When a patient has dental anxiety or phobia, sedation dentistry is employed. For those who struggle with dental anxiety, they provide a variety of solutions to make sure their appointment is stress-free. People who avoid going to the dentist for proper care can use these aids. The dentist will decide the type or combination of sedatives because each person’s level of anxiety will vary.


They take pride in offering dental care that is both convenient and reasonably priced for the entire family. They provide a range of dental payment options and financing options for patients without dental insurance to help them pay for the necessary dental procedures. Your dental health should never be impacted by not having dental insurance, nor should it be the root of a growing list of dental issues.

Medi-Cal Dental

Medi-Cal is a health insurance program available in California. In California, Medi-Cal offers benefits to everyone who qualifies.

Denti-Cal is the name of the dental insurance program. Dental benefits are available to anyone who is Medi-Cal eligible. To receive dental care, you must show your Medi-Cal ID card. Who can receive Medi-Cal dental benefits? If you live in California and have a limited income, you may be eligible for Medi-Cal. You must apply for Medi-Cal benefits online, and county social services will evaluate your eligibility after you do. Following approval, CA will issue a Medi-Cal ID.

Emergency Dental Care

Nothing is more terrifying than being in the middle of an emergency and unsure what to do. Because of this, their emergency dentist wants you to be ready so that, in the event of a dental emergency, you’ll feel confident. Until you get to their emergency dentist, the tips above will help protect the injured area and keep your tooth secure. Of course, dial 911 or head straight to the hospital if your injury is life-threatening.

When looking for an “emergency dentist. When it comes to your oral health, the dental team spends time helping in the most urgent situations. The emergency dentist will be available to make time for you whether you have a minor dental accident, like a chipped tooth, or a more serious one.

Smile time dental Insurance

Smile Time Dental accepts numerous dental insurance providers. They will gladly file your dental insurance claims to help you make the most of your insurance benefits. Before every appointment, they give the patients an estimated copay and options for paying those out-of-pocket expenses.

They acknowledge the subsequent dental insurance programs:

PPO HMO Medi-Cal Dental Liberty Dental (Denti-Cal)

For more information and a free insurance eligibility check, call the office.

Smile time dental Location

They are located at this location-

2260 E Bidwell St #110

Folsom, CA 95630

Smile time dental Phone Number

To contact them, go through this link-

Phone- (916) 984-4224

Fax-(916) 984-4248

You can also send them a message through this link-

Submit your first name, last name, phone number, and email address.

Smile time dental Email

To email, mail them at [email protected]

Smile time dental Hours

They are open Monday through Friday from 8AM through 5PM.

They remain closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Why They Best?

Smile Time Dental is the top dental office in the area for a reason. With top-of-the-line equipment and experienced professionals, they offer exceptional service and quality care. Their experienced hygienists and dentists are committed to delivering the best possible care to their patients. From the instant you walk in the door, you are welcomed with a friendly smile and a warm welcome.

The office is always kept clean and organized, allowing for a relaxed and stress-free experience. The staff will take the time to explain every procedure, answer any questions, and provide tips to ensure your teeth stay healthy and clean. They provide a wide range of services, from basic cleanings to complex procedures, so you can be sure that whatever your dental needs may be, Smile Time Dental can help. With their top-of-the-line equipment and experienced professionals, you’ll be sure to have


In conclusion, Smile Time Dental accommodates your busy schedule and dental needs because they believe nothing should stand in the way of you having a healthy smile. Make an appointment with Smile Time Dental right away, and allow them to put a smile on your face.

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