Unified Physician Management Review

Unified Physician Management Review in 2024

Unified Physician Management is a hospital and healthcare company that offers health and home care services.

Unified Physician Management and its physician partners have assembled the nation’s largest network of Ob-Gyns, with headquarters in seven states and the District of Columbia. In addition, UPM has formed the only national, private practice women’s health group with a vision of patient-centered care and physician governance throughout its partner organizations, Unified Women’s Healthcare, PL (UWH), and Capital Women’s Care.

Unified Physician Management Vision

Their vision is to build the future and hope to inspire others to join them on the journey to make it a reality. They all believe in this vision because it is very personal to them.

They are personally challenged to do more and do the right thing so that all women can have the best medical outcomes and an unparalleled experience. They invite everyone who has a stake in this vision, including the employees, medical affiliates, industry partners, and patients, to contribute to making it a reality.

Unified Physician Management Solutions

There are four solutions that Unified Health Care provides:

Operation Advancement

When Unified collaborates with its medical affiliates, equal focus and attention are given to the local Ob-Gyn operations teams that handle the practice’s day-to-day business responsibilities. Their top priority is to provide the resources and support needed to supplement existing operations and ensure long-term success and collaboration.

They frequently find that the operational leadership has established a solid business foundation but has limited time to focus on proactive practice growth. As a result, they successfully collaborate with the medical affiliates to build up and enhance the current team while making them feel confident in driving the practice’s business forward with operations support provided by Unified Women’s Healthcare.

  • They advance the operations teams rather than replace them and allow them to make a difference in women’s healthcare by leveraging their unique business knowledge and skills.
  • They evaluate where the strengths are and provide additional resources as needed to supplement the existing structure.
  • They bring the power of centralization and proven best practices to this approach so that every medical affiliate can fulfill its purpose of delivering the highest quality of care to women.
Practice Growth

Unified Management has the experience, longevity, and infrastructure to support the growth and success of its medical affiliates. In addition, they provide private practice through Ancillary Services.

Innovate Services

Innovative service offers directly outside the traditional Ob-Gyn area result from an expanded network and the ability to hire suitable specialists to develop practices and programs that operate for patients. Longtime industry experts at Unified Women’s Healthcare have made growth a reality for many of our affiliate practice groups.

Clinical Research

They have a premier integrated site network that allows patients to receive advanced medical care by participating in various clinical trials at their location. They integrate clinical research with existing Ob-Gyn practices. Clinical trials on their site are conducted with unquestionable efficiency.

They specialize in women’s health research, including gynecology, roentgenology, obstetrics, and primary care, provide participants with comprehensive, collaborative care, and sponsor unparalleled trial performance skills. In addition, they are working to advance women’s healthcare by improving the sponsorship relationship throughout the process.

Physician Recruiting

The primary goal is to recruit physicians for the extensive Unified medical affiliate network that spans the country. Unified Women’s Healthcare’s highly qualified recruiters are specially trained to assist physicians in searching for exciting new career opportunities. A community effort focusing on residency programs and professional medical conferences is another feature of direct recruiting. The Physician Recruiting team also attends national and local industry conferences, where we enjoy meeting prospective physicians.

  • Visit to learn about existing physician job openings- http://www.unifiedphysicianrecruiting.com/.
  • There are many positions available. To apply, go through this link- https://careers.unifiedwomenshealthcare.com/jobs.
Laboratory Services

The development and establishment of physician-owned laboratories are vital to Unified affiliated providers’ growth plan. Therefore, we seek laboratory development opportunities in each medical affiliate region, allowing physicians direct access to board-certified pathologists with knowledge and experience in women’s healthcare.

Value Transformation

Valuation care might have had a different meaning or definition depending on who you ask. It’s also misunderstood or regarded as an overly complicated formula. Unified Women’s Healthcare removes the confusion and complexity that this term often carries by optimizing it through five pillars.

The five pillars are;

Better Care

for Women

Affordable Care

for Women

Increased Prosperity

for Doctors and Staff

Improved Well-Being

for Doctors and Staff


Through Shared Learning

Unified Physician Management Portal

If you want to seek health care services from Unified Physician Management, you need to access their portal. To log into the portal, go through this link- https://physician-unifiedhc.icims.com/jobs/login.

There are different categories provided: provider, Non-provider, or Current employee.

  • You can log in to the account with your Facebook or Gmail account or your Linkedin account.
  • You can log in easily by providing your login name/email and password if you have an account.Unified Physician Management Portal
How to Reset Your Password?

If you have issues accessing the account or have forgotten your password, reset it through this link- https://physician-unifiedhc.icims.com/jobs/reminder?redirect=login.

Provide your email address and tap the reset password button.

How to Reset your Password

Unified Physician Management Current Employees

Current employees need to log in through this link- https://unifiedwhc.okta.com/.

They have to provide a username and password to sign in.

  • If you are facing any issues, you can take help from them.
  • If you can’t access your password, you can reset it by providing your email or username via SMS, Voice call, or email. https://unifiedwhc.okta.com/signin/forgot-password
  • If you can’t access the email, you can call the administrator at (561) 208-6077
  • If you want to unlock your account go to this link, provide your email or username, and send via SMS, Voice Call, or Email.

Unified Physician Management Current Employees

Unified Physician Management Phone Number

To call them to contact at this number- 561-300-2410

Unified Physician Management Email Address

You can email them based on the different departments;

Unified Physician Management Social Media

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/company/unifiedwomenshealthcare

Unified Physician Management Location

They are located at 1501 Yamato Road,

Suite 200


Boca Raton, Florida 33431

In conclusion, Unified Physician Management offers the necessary tools to start, grow and maintain a successful practice. Their extensive network of vetted independent contractors, comprehensive reporting tools, and commitment to customer service make them an attractive option for any medical procedure.

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