UnitedHealthcare Vs. Humana Health Insurance

UnitedHealthcare Vs Humana Health Insurance: Which Company is Best in 2024?

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Humana Inc. is a for-profit health insurance company founded on August 18, 1961. Its headquarter is situated in Louisville, Kentucky, and is the third-largest health insurance company in the US. Humana Health Insurance has over 13 million members with annual revenue of US$64.888 billion as of 2019. Also, UnitedHealthcare is a popular health insurance provider in the USA.

UnitedHealthcare Vs. Humana Health Insurance

Here is a comparison between UnitedHealthcare and Humana Health Insurance:

Provider Network

UnitedHealthcare is the topmost health insurance company in the United States. It provides services in all the states with 1.3 million health care professionals and other facilities. Although it is tough to beat UHC in terms of network coverage, Humana is stronger in the Southeast region of the US. In this scenario, UnitedHealthcare is the clear winner, once again.

Medicare Plans

Both UnitedHealthcare and Humana offer a wide range of Medical plans for their members. The Medicare plans include the Original Medicare Plan A and B along with –

  • Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Medicare Supplement Plan
  • Prescription Drug Plan

Health Insurance Plans

Humana Health Insurance offers a wide range of healthcare plans for its members and their families. The insurance plans are strong and cover real-time medical health insurance. But they are somewhat expensive when compared to other companies. Whereas, UnitedHealthcare offers cheaper but attractive health insurance plans in many regions. With its Health Saving Account, UnitedHealthcare is clearly a step ahead of Humana.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Humana Health Insurance provides its customers with Medicare Advantage plans in 47 states of the US. Meanwhile, UnitedHealthcare offers MA plans for its 6 million Medical Advantage customers in 25 states. The plans are as follows:

UnitedHealthcareHumana Health Insurance
·      Exclusive Provider Organisation (EPO)

·      Preferred Provider Organisation (PPO)

·      Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO)

·      Private Fee-for-Service (PFFO) / Point-of-service (POS)

·      Health Maintenance organization (HMO)

·      Preferred Provider Organisation (PPO)

·      Private Fee-for-Service (PFFO)

·      Special Needs Plan (SNP)

·      Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA)


Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement PlanUnitedHealthcareHumana
Plan AYesYes
Plan BYesYes
Plan CYesYes
Plan DNoNo
Plan FYesYes
Plan GYesNo
Plan KYesYes
Plan LYesYes
Plan MNoNo
Plan NYesYes
High deductible Plan FNoYes

Both Humana Health Insurance and UnitedHealthcare offer eight types of Medicare Supplement plans. The only difference is that UnitedHealthcare offers a plan G, whereas Humana has a High Deductible Plan F (HD-F).

Prescription Drug Plans

Like any other health insurance companies, both UnitedHealthcare and Humana offer three types of Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) –

            i.     AARP MedicareRx Walgreen (PDP)

ii.     AARP MedicareRx Saver Plus (PDP)

iii.     AARP MedicareRx Preferred (PDP)

       i.     Humana Walmart Rx (PDP)

ii.    Humana Basic Rx (PDP)

iii.    Humana Premier Rx (PDP)

This discussion will give you a general idea about the two companies and the types of plans they provide. Hence, it will be easier for you, as a customer, to choose the company and plan that best meet your medical and financial needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Humana or UnitedHealthcare better?

UnitedHealthcare offers various health insurance plans that are similar to Humana Health Insurance. But UHC plans are popular in many regions of the United States for being cheaper than other companies. If we consider the plan benefits, then Unitedhealthcare is a sure winner in this criteria.

What are the advantages of the Dual Special Needs Plan (SNPs)?

Dual Special Needs Plan or DSNPs may cover the following –

  • Routine dental care
  • Buying different health products
  • Eye check-up and credits for eyewear
  • Hearing check-up and credit for hearing aids, etc.

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