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American Health and Life Insurance Company Reviews

American Health and Life Insurance company play a vital role for their clients. Health insurance covers important health benefits essential for maintaining good health and treating serious illness, injuries caused by accidents. Health insurance also provides free preventive care like checkups, vaccines, and screening.

On the other hand, life insurance helps to avoid unexpected tax and money for future saving. It also helps to protect your family when you are not around anymore. Moreover, Life insurance is important to protect emotional well-being by providing peace of mind.

“HEALTH is like Money. We Never Have a True Idea of its VALUE until we Lose It”

-Josh Billings.


Unlike most developed countries worldwide, the United States health care system does not give health care to the country’s entire population. Instead, most United States citizens are provided insurance by a combination of numerous private, federal and state insurance programs.

Coverage of health insurance in the United States are carried out by several public and private programs. The public programs in the US are specially arranged for elderly people, differently-abled people and low-income families and individuals.

Private health insurance is either offered by the company the policyholders work in, or school or the policyholder have to buy on his/her own.

Best health and life insurance company in the United States

Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, etc., are some of the best health insurance company in the United States. Despite being one world’s top economic powers, the United States of America is the only industrialized nation in the world without overall health care coverage for its citizens.

High medical cost is one of the prime reasons Americans retain themselves for problems due to health care. Depending on a study, lack of health insurance is connected with an increased mortality rate of about 60,000 avoidable deaths per year.

Having good health and a well-balanced lifestyle is the central pillar to handling stress and living a longer, happier and more active life. In the United States, the healthcare costs were $3.5 trillion in 2017, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Despite this huge expenditure, the people in the United States of America have a comparatively lower life expectancy than people in other developed nations. This is due to various factors like healthcare and lifestyle choices.


Benjamin Franklin founded the first American insurance company in 1752, known as Philadelphia Contributionship. And the first insurance offered was accident insurance by Franklin health assurance company of Massachusetts in the year 1850. It provided insurance against injuries from railroad and steamboat accidents.

Old Name of American Health & Life Insurance Company: CAVALIER LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY
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Health care in the United States is provided throughout the country by numerous different organisations. Health care opportunities are mostly provided and operated by private sector businesses. Non-profit organisations operate 58 percent of total hospitals in the United States, the government owns 21 percent, and investor-owned hospitals run 21 percent.

As of 2013, around 64 percent of healthcare facilities were provided by the government. Those facilities were funded through various programs such as Mediaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, Medicare and Veterans Health Administration.

People below 65 years of age receive insurance through their employer or any family member’s employer. They acquire insurance by purchasing it independently, through government or by other means based on income or other ways, or remains uninsured. The government provides health insurance for government employees as it is the employer.

According to statics published in the American Journal of Public Health, people who cannot obtain health insurance are unable to get timely medical help. Those people have around 40 percent higher death risk than those who have health insurance.

Why physical and mental health is important to take care of?

Health is a state of physical and emotional well-being and does not only mean the absence of disease or illness. A healthy and fruitful lifestyle gives a person a way to lead a complete life with meaning and a good cause.

We all know physical and mental health are the two most popularly known types of health, but spiritual, emotional and financial health also constitute an overview of health.

Good physical health can work together with mental health and can greatly improve a person’s whole quality of life. Health care exists to help people to maintain a well balanced and optimal state of health. And to have a well maintained, balanced and healthy lifestyle, we need health insurance.

Health insurance is a way to pay for the policyholder’s health care. A health or life insurance policy or plan is a contract between an insurer and the policyholder.

Policyholder insurance services

Health insurance protects the policyholder from paying the full cost of medical services if the policyholder is seriously sick or injured. The policyholder pays a fixed amount of premium to the insurer every month, and in return, the health insurer agrees to pay a portion of the medical cost.

Sometimes a person may require a lot of medical services, and other times, he/she may need less, but the point of having health insurance is that the person can avoid paying the full cost of medical services on his/her own. When the policyholder requires medical services, then he/she and the health insurer share the covered medical costs.

Health and life insurance in the United States of America are very expensive and complicated. Suppose, American health insurance is a program that helps pay for expensive medical services.

American health insurance can be privately purchased insurance, social insurance or a welfare program that the government funds. Health insurance or medical expense insurance may also mean insurance covering disability or long-term nursing.

In the USA, different health and life insurance provide different levels of financial support, and the coverage of the medical services may vary based on the benefits the policyholder choose.


To maintain good physical health, regular treatment and check-ups are necessary to maintain a good balance. But for regular check-ups and treatment, excessive money is required in the United States. And for saving finances, health and life insurance are necessary. Life insurance provides financial liabilities like tax payment and taking care of your loved one after your death. It is widely well known that a person with good financial health may not be much worried about finances and can have fresh and healthy foods regularly and can maintain his/her healthy lifestyle.

Therefore every individual in the United States should have an excess to health and life insurance as it protects him/her from unexpected high tax or medical prices.

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