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AMITA Health focuses on contributing sympathetic care to nearly 6.6 million citizens in Chicago and nearby areas. It follows a systematic process to maintain an award-winning methodology, procedures, approach, and practices.

AMITA Health is an association committed to delivering the most compassionate care and love to its patients. This system is faith-based in corresponding to the Catholic and Adventist traditions. They try to deliver the best services by communicating transparently with their patients and their respective families.

AMITA health is concerned about honoring the integrity and priority of their clients and patients, including everyone under their service. They ensure that every patient receives the best care and is treated like one of the family members.

Not only is a patient cured of their desired illness or problem, but AMITA health also observes the patient’s every move by supervising sessions. They try to re-shape the whole person by counting on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

The system is also working on monitoring the health needs of community people. Poor peoples are the important attention for AMITA Health. Almost 253 million dollars are spent by AMITA health for social welfare. More than about $63.2 million is provided for financial assistance to the people in need.

AMITA Health is a joint venture corporation between Alexian Brothers Health System and also Adventist Midwest Health. They all contribute the most to the civilians; the system also provides discrete hospitals and medical centers to operate.

Medical Professional

Medical Emergencies do not recognize the time. It can be anytime you get into a critical situation of your health. For this case, AMITA health has built up an intelligent technical app to connect with health advisors. The mobile application of AMITA health is multifunctional and can handle your medical responsibilities all alone like an actual and real assistant.

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This app provides features to save your medical records. It can set up the following upcoming meetings, and therapy sessions can update the test results and doctor’s availability. You can also benefit from the advance appointment setup; it is very safe and secure for the users. The app can be essential to connect you with the health care team within a short time and phase.

AMITA health also offers you the service of e-visits. This service is mainly like a check-up for you at home. Every time rushing to the hospital for the health check-up and treatment is impossible for weak and old persons.

So, concerning patients’ health and situation, this service is provided to specific patients who require it much to avail a therapist at home. This can only cost you up to 30 dollars.

Health Support

AMITA Health supports keeps updated with the patients’ newest treatments and health conditions. One of the most challenging sicknesses to handle is cancer. Organizations of AMITA health care provide the best support and treatment.

There are different support groups to take care of the patients distinctively. Gives counseling, guidance, and instructions for dealing with the disease. This disease can be in control by being mentally and physically fit, healthy, and well.

Fit Club

Fitness club of AMITA health charges for patient’s immunity builds up. Their fit club works with every patient in a motive to make cancer patients more extroverted to share their deep inner thoughts, concerns, and emotions so that it can encourage them to suppress a patient’s tension, nervousness, or distress.

Yoga Class

The yoga classes are designated only for a few specific types of patients, particularly for oncology patients. It is a practice for improving health conditions and increasing flexibility and balance.

Yoga helps every person bring back focus and strength within their mind and body; AMITA health focuses on respiring a patient’s awareness. This corporation is full of facilities that you can acquire by acknowledging the system here.

Healing Touch Clinic

This process is maintained for cancer patients, bringing back harmony and steadiness in the energy system. This process supports reviving from being emotionally weak, mental dysfunctionalities, and physical tiredness or incapacity. For this treatment, the light touch method is followed in an empathetic and caring method, helping the person be relaxed out of anxiety, pain, and stress.

A private session of 60-minutes can bring back a person’s peace from mental, emotional, and physical well-being for mainly the patients in need of this treatment.

Other two therapies include:

Massage therapy and Relax to Feel Great Therapy

These two therapies are also an important section of AMITA health. The massage therapy provided is entirely free of charge for all cancer patients receiving treatment in their amenity. The massage plan is also applicable for home care. Their massage therapists are professional in evaluating cancer patients.

The extra beneficial facilities are all within one roof. AMITA Health also cares about a person’s self-hypnosis. Weekly group sessions are provided to improvise the quality and recreation. Therefore, the Relax and Feel Great option is included for any patient to reduce stress and anxiety and create a barrier to negative thoughts. Problems related to sleep apnoea and aches in different body parts are being treated for dedication to freeing a person from an unhealthy and wasted life.

AMITA Health Patient Portal

A patient portal is a website or an application to access the virtual health care and treatment and the hospital facilities of AMITA health.

It is an advanced technology that provides every facility in one platform when you cannot come by the hospital or communicate to the office directly.

AMITA health patient portal helps keep you in line to track your every little detail, medical record, and billing statement. The hospital corporation has been taking care of every convenient service to their patients, whether manually or virtually.

They use electronic medical record (EMR) systems to provide health care systems for their patients.

AMITA Health  Resources: 

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Patients by the side with AMITA health have received extra scheduling treatment; many are free of charge. AMITA Health updates its facilities and system regularly based on coping up and supplying this modern treatment and technology to the community. The staff and employees included in the building are overly numbered to provide security and a safe, comfortable place for everyone under the authority. Being with AMITA health care, many cancer patients got cured for months and years, also the best health treatment.

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