St John Patient Portal Review-2024

An unparalleled legacy of providing life-saving medical care may be found at Saint John Hospital. They provide state-of-the-art surgical treatment for serious, possibly deadly illnesses and injuries. They offer a wide variety of minimally invasive procedures with the help of robotics, imaging, and laboratory tests. Their medical staff pays close attention to your needs to provide you with the best care possible.


St John Patient Portal Sign Up

They pledge to give you individualised, sensitive care and online access to your medical records. You may find instructions on using your Ascension patient portal for medical appointments, and hospital stays here.


Most places have two portals: one for information about hospital visits and the other for doctor’s office visits. Your patient portal could, in some places contain information about both hospitals and clinics. Links to each patient portal are available by selecting your state from the list below.

For instructions on creating a new account, see below:

  • Visit any registration desk at your neighbourhood Ascension hospital to register for a portal for your hospital visits. You will get an email with an activation link after entering your contact details. To finish the sign-up procedure, follow the instructions.
  • Request an application form to be completed when you visit your Ascension Medical Group doctor’s office to register for a portal for your doctor’s office appointments.


St John Patient Portal login

To log into the account, go through this link-

Provide your email address and password.

If you forgot, you could retrieve your password through the above link.


St John Patient Portal Ascension Benefits

A safe tool, the Ascension St. John Patient Portal, keeps you in control of your health and connected to and engaged with your doctor and care team. You can: Using this practical platform, you can:

  • Access your electronic medical data, prescriptions, lab results, vaccines, and allergies anytime.
  • Request appointments and prescription refills
  • View and download patient education materials and a recap of your appointment.
  • Send your Ascension St. John provider a secure message.
  • Allowing you to complete the relevant paperwork before arriving at the clinic will reduce the time spent during the check-in and intake procedures.


St John Patient Portal Ascension Sign Up

The Ascension St. John Patient Portal can now be registered in person, over the phone, or online.


Request assistance from any Ascension St. John staff member to register for the Ascension St. John Patient Portal in person or over the phone at the clinic, hospital, or urgent care. For online enrollment, click here.


You can bookmark or visit whenever you want to access your patient portal health information.


Who can log into your account?

You will know that you and your provider will always keep your information private. You can grant someone else access to your Ascension St. John Patient Portal account. They’ll be referred to as your proxy. If you visit your clinic in person, you can complete the necessary paperwork to add a proxy. Call your clinic to add a proxy if you’re registering online.


Children’s parents: After your child turns 18, the Ascension St. John Patient Portal account you created for them will be deleted. According to Oklahoma law, your kid can register for and create a personal account once they turn 18 by speaking with their healthcare professional.


On your child’s 18th birthday, a notification will arrive via email of this change to the account.


Having trouble logging in or accessing the website?

Call 1-877-621-8014 any time for assistance if you’re having trouble logging in, setting up an account, or navigating the Ascension St. John Patient Portal.


Call your local provider’s office for help if you have problems using the Ascension St. John appointment check-in and bill-pay portal.


St John Patient Portal Location

They are located at-

3550 S. 4th Street

Leavenworth, KS 66048


St John Patient Portal Phone Number

To contact them, dial this number-



St John Patient Portal Web Address






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