Uf Health Mychart Review

Uf Health Mychart Review | Why it is Best?

UF Health represents the pledge of more than 30,000 faculty and staff to go higher and further, translating advancements into patient care advances and putting them into action to help people live their best lives. Its mission is to promote health by providing exceptional and high-quality patient care, innovative and stringent education in the health professions and biomedical sciences, and high-impact inquiry in basic, directional, and clinical research.

Uf Health Mychart Visions

They are working together to build unstoppable dynamism toward the goal of improving personal and community health through discovery, clinical and applied research science and technology, outstanding education, and patient-centered, creative, high-quality health care.

Uf Health Mychart Hospitality & Service

Hospitality and service are a state of mind and an attitude that pervades all daily actions. It begins with how they support and treat one another as colleagues and internal customers. Their internal relationships lay the groundwork for how they serve those entrusted to their care.

Hospitality and service are essential aspects of the patient experience. Engaged employees believe they can make a positive difference with every interaction to create an environment where people feel appreciated, understood, safe, and valued.


Hospitality and service begin with how people support and treat one another. Relationships with teammates and other depts set the stage for how they interact with patients and visitors. Collaboration with colleagues in a supportive team environment is critical to their ability to provide safe, high-quality care and attentive service. Individual actions impact the team’s morale, achievement, and accomplishments daily.


Communication is how we exchange information and form personal connections, resulting in excellent patient care and a positive experience for all at UF Health. We can be the best problem solvers by communicating with one another and working together to advance medicine.

Professionalism & Responsibility

The service and hospitality they provide should be commensurate with the high standard of medical care they receive.

Patients come because they believe the doctors, nurses, and clinical teams will provide the best, most attentive, and compassionate care available.

Each symbolizes a world-class institution through skills, knowledge, sound decisions, and courteous behavior.

Uf Health Mychart Doctors

To find a doctor go through this link- https://ufhealth.org/providers

Provide the physician’s name and specialty.

Uf Health Mychart Doctors

Uf Health Mychart Location

Adult E.R. & Trauma Center

1515 SW Archer Road

Gainesville, FL 32608




1600 SW Archer Road

Gainesville, FL 32608


Emergency Center – Springhill

8475 NW 39th Avenue

Gainesville, FL 32606


Emergency Center – Kanapaha

7405 SW Archer Road

Gainesville, FL 32608


After Hours

(By appointment only)

1699 SW 16th Avenue, Building A

Gainesville, FL 32608



After Hours

(Walk-ins welcome)

3450 Hull Road

Gainesville, FL 32607

 Uf Health Mychart Appointment request

To request an appointment, go through this link- https://ufhealth.org/request-medical-or-dental-appointment.

Provide full name, phone number, zip code appointment request, and patient information and submit them.

Uf Health Mychart Appointment request

Uf Health Mychart Patients & Visitors information

Coming to UF Health

  • Admissions
  • Information for Incoming Patients
  • Where to Stay
  • About Gainesville
  • Maps & Directions
  • Parking
  • Shuttles and Buses

While You’re Here

  • Visiting Hours & Welcome Centers
  • Meals and Dining
  • General Services and Amenities
  • Faith, Meditation, & Well-being
  • Gardens & Outdoor Spaces
  • Telephone Directory
  • Gift Shops

For Patients

  • Patients’ Bill of Rights
  • Your Health Care Team
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Patient Privacy
  • Safety and Security
  • Condition H
  • Fighting Infections
  • Medications
  • Advance Directives

Going Home

  • Preparing for Discharge
  • Billing and Insurance
  • Medical Records
  • Outpatient Services
  • Support Groups
  • For the Caregiver
Uf Health Mychart Phone Number

Call 1-352-733-0111 to find a local specialist in your area, to be transmitted to a new appointment scheduler, or to learn about the medical services offered by the University of Florida Health.

Patients can also ask for information on a healthcare treatment or make an appointment online by filling out a secure form. Through this link- https://ufhealth.org/request-appointment-0

Those who are new patients;

Medical Appointments: To schedule an appointment, call 352.265.5555. They are unrestricted Monday through Friday, from 8 AM through 5 PM.

Dental Appointments: Call 352.273.6700 for an appointment.

Uf Health Mychart Web Address
  • Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/UFHealth
  • Twitter- http://twitter.com/UFHealth
  • Youtube- http://www.youtube.com/UFHealthscience
  • Health Org- https://ufhealth.org/uf-health-social-media
Uf Health Mychart Education


  • College of Dentistry
  • College of Medicine
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Public Health & Health Professions
  • College of Veterinary Medicine


  • College of Medicine-Jacksonville
  • College of Nursing-Jacksonville
  • College of Pharmacy-Jacksonville

In conclusion, Uf Health’s Mychart is a secure, reliable patient portal that provides comprehensive, real-time access to patient information, including scheduled visits, lab results, immunizations, and medication lists. Additionally, it facilitates secure messaging with board-certified physicians. Because Mychart uses the most secure encryption methods and only allows authorized users to access information, it is HIPAA-compliant and adheres to all federal data security regulations. For more information, visit the Uf Health Mychart website.

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