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Wellspring Pharmacy provides pharmaceutical services in the Oakland, CA, area at lower prices than other larger pharmacy chains. Headed by Andrew Beyers and supported by Thao Ho, the pharmacy started its business on March 15, 2012.

They offer detailed attention to customers’ needs because of which they have increased their business growth. Wellspring Pharmacy started its journey when there was a high demand for specialized pharmacy service and fewer independent pharmacies in the United States.

Wellspring Pharmacy Services:

They offer an array of pharmaceutical services to California and outside the state as well. The services include the following:

Home Delivery

Wellspring Pharmacy offers home delivery and shipping to the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California.

Medication Adherence 

Medication adherence is taking medicine correctly as prescribed by the physician. This also includes getting prescriptions refilled, remembering to take medicine on time, understanding directions, and much more. Wellspring offers a free medication adherence program to help you refill your prescription and take medicine on time.

Discharge RX

When your transitional care is over, Wellspring Pharmacy delivers medications to your home as soon as possible. This is convenient, fast, and hassle-free.

Health Insurance

Wellspring accepts more than 3000 insurance plans from several insurance providers. To find out if they accept your insurance plan, call them at 510-428-1559.


Wellspring has made it easier for customers to communicate with their doctors. With Med-Adherence Program, they call your doctor only once a month for all your prescription-related issues. As a result, you do not have to call the doctor again and again for your prescription.

Online Refills and Transfers

You can use the Wellspring Pharmacy refill app or fill up an online refill form to refill your prescription. Once you request a refill, their next-generation automated pharmacy robots will process your prescription. In case you are out of prescription refills, you can request Rx Transfers a few days before it is over.

Workers’ Compensation

Wellspring Pharmacy is excellent at processing workers’ compensation claims. They authorize medications on time by employers who pay for their employees.

Over-the-Counter Items

If you are short on items like toothpaste and vitamins, you can order them at Wellspring along with your prescription. They will deliver any over-the-counter items with your prescription to your home.

Customized Packaging

Wellspring Pharmacy offers a wide range of packaging options, including a vial, blister packs, and the WellPak packing system. You can choose any of their packagings to get your prescribed item delivered at home.

Wellspring Pharmacy Clinical Services:

They also offer some clinical services. These include –

Medication Adherence

Wellspring offers a Medication Adherence Program, which helps customers to take the right medicine at the right time.

Specialty Clinical Services

If you want any specialty service from them, you can contact them at 510-428-1559.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Through their MTM sessions, Wellspring provides necessary information regarding your medications, vitamins, and supplements.

Travel Medicine

If you plan to visit abroad, you can contact the company’s authority to make arrangements for your travel health needs.

Wellspring Pharmacy is one of the best pharmaceutical service providers in the California market. You can get the most important medication and clinical services at affordable costs. For more information about their services and other products, you can visit Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is Wellspring Pharmacy located?

Wellspring Pharmacy
4184 C Piedmont Ave. Oakland, CA 94611, Phone: (510) 428-1559

Q. What is wellspring pharmacy hours?

Friday:         10AM–10PM
Saturday:     10AM–10PM
Sunday:        10AM–10PM
Monday:       10AM–10PM
Tuesday:      10AM–10PM
Wednesday: 10AM–10PM
Thursday:    10AM–10PM

Q. Does Wellspring have an associate?

Wellspring is associated with the following organizations –

  • Total Health Dental Care
  • How To Use Inhalers
  • National Community Pharmacists Association
  • California Pharmacists Association

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