12 Week Weight Loss Program To Be Slim Fast -2021

Introduction: Nowadays, people tend to find weight loss programs from dietitians or online platforms. Some weight loss programs are based on the number of weeks, which implies a 4-week weight loss program, 8-week weight loss programs, or 12-week weight loss program. Professional dietitians and trained physicians generally design those programs. They include both physical exercise and diet plan.

Those programs are unique, and every program holds a plan holding activities and diet plans for each week. It seems like a challenge for participants, as they are to lose weight within the given weeks by following instructions. In this writing, I am going to explain the 12-week weight loss plan designed by different platforms.

How to Start and Continue the 12-week weight loss program?

People have to choose and engage in a 12-week weight loss program by considering some aspects like their health condition, injury, illness, age, etc. To start such a program, the most important thing is determination. Participants have to be determined to achieve the target within the given timeframe.

Before starting this program, they need to check with doctors in the case of damages, sickness, or any therapy and decide the exact period for exercises. They need to maintain a fitness journal to write down the meal or exercise plans and to continue the program. It is crucial to set goals, write them out, and set them in a place that always draws their attention so that it can work as a reminder for achieving the goal.

After the beginning, the main factor is the continuation of the program. Because the more it is easy to start, the more it isn’t easy to continue. In this case, participants have to motivate themselves to achieve the ultimate goal. They must not forget to reward themselves for fulfilling the small targets of each week.

Moreover, they can get support from the community and friends. Strong support is crucial to keep the 12-week weight loss program on track.

Different 12 Week Weight Loss Programs

We can find differently titled 12-week weight loss programs at virtual platforms. They are designed in different ways considering the participants’ traits. Some include only an exercise plan, some include an only diet plan, and some include both. Though those programs imply simple diet plans and workouts, it is very tough to continue the entire program. Here some of those programs are narrated, mentioning the name of the online platform.

Very well fit

This 12 weeks weight loss exercise program includes a variety of physical workouts like cardio, core, strength, and flexibility workouts. In the case of weeks 1-4, the program starts with all types of workouts for building endurance among participants. These initial weeks include two or three basic cardio workouts, three core workouts, and two days of strength increasing exercise. But in terms of sickness or exhaustion, participants can take rest or exchange workouts at any time.

In the case of weeks 5-8, participants are to increase the cardio period and add some new strength, cardio, core, and flexibility training. That means participants are to increase the level of physical exercises in those weeks.

In the case of 9-12 weeks, participants are to take a higher level of workouts than those previous weeks. They are to take longer cardio workouts and new total-body strength training, and new upper & lower- body workouts to contest more muscle groups and build lean muscles. To accelerate burning more calories these weeks, enlarge more new circuit training and workouts. This way, the workouts’ level increases weeks after weeks to burn more calories and achieve the targeted weight.

Muscle and Strength

This 12-week fat destroyer program includes thorough diet plans and cardio directory with upper or lower muscle building split. Again, it includes a separate meal and exercise plan for male and female participants.

The program’s entire plan includes what to eat, how much cardio to do, and how to weight train. Besides losing extra body fat, the program’s goal is to maintain muscle mass and transform organisms. It comprises three types of eating days per week: high carb for 1 day, moderate carb for three days, and low carb for the remaining three days.

Participants have the flexibility to structure those days as their preferred way. This program instructs for a minimum of 180 grams of protein intake, calorie intake according to metabolism, and 20-30% of fat intake per day. It also allows participants to take 10% of daily calories from junk foods, as it is challenging to avoid those foods in social gatherings.

Moreover, it includes concrete 12-week cardio plans through treadmill, elliptical, or swimming to get a heart- moving and upper or lower work out by following a given set and rep scheme.

Slimmer Fitter Stronger

It conveys a 12-week workout plan comprising cardio training by HIIT and resistance training. HIIT indicates High-Intensity Interval Training. It is a way of training that helps participants lose weight within a short period. It is very beneficial to people who are busy and lack of time.

Also, it combines resistance training with cardiovascular training, and it helps lose muscle mass. This program suggests for consultation with doctors before starting any exercise as any medical complexity can be worse by exercising.

Better Me

It suggests a 12-week whole-body workout plan for determined participants who are committed to burning body fat. Because without commitment and determination, weight loss is impossible.

This program indicates a Better Me App that recommends a proper meal plan and effective workout. Through using the app, women can achieve their body goals in the right way. This app implies a routine, including all universal exercises, but the number of repetitions makes it unique from other programs. It holds squats, crunches, second, plunks, lunges, sit up, butt kicks, and so and all are effective for burning body fat.

The Sun

As avoiding carbohydrates and healthy fat too much can bring detrimental effects on the human body, this program is designed to help participants lose weight despite taking more carbs. During weeks 1 & 2, participants are to reset their metabolism by increasing the amount of protein intake. Protein contains an amino acid that promotes muscle growth.

Moreover, protein intake slows down digestion and keeps people fuller for a long time. Participants are suggested to add fiber in the meal plan during week three to ten, and this fiber games from vegetables and plant-based foods. It seems like a keto diet, but the meal plan must be full of good guts boosting foods like vegetables, nuts, seeds, oily fish, seeds, meats, dairy, etc.

During weeks 11 & 12, participants are advised to follow these health tips they follow for 10 weeks. There is nothing new in this final stage, but maintaining fat loss through increasing fiber intake with whole grain, fruits, and vegetables. Though this program does not imply any exercise, it recommends getting in 10,000 steps a day to stay active.

Conclusion: Different virtual platforms recommend these 12-week weight loss programs, and they include both diet plans and exercise. Though it seems very easy to maintain the meal and workout plans, a continuation of those simple plans is a herculean task. Despite giving flexibility, most of the programs urge for maintaining daily routine appropriately. If participants are committed and determined enough, these 12-week weight loss programs must help them achieve health goals and change their life.

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