Weight Loss Programs for Men

Best Weight Loss Programs for Men in 2024

Weight Loss Programs for Men depend on a low-carb diet; rather, it depends on age, gender, family history, ethnicity, physical condition, medical condition, and so on as men and women are biologically different from each other.

The required amount of calories for men & women is not the same. Typically men require more calories than women. Likewise, they need different weight loss programs with varying plans of diet & physical exercise from that of women.

There are several weight loss programs and diet plans suggested by physicians and dietitians for men. Some of them deliver rapid result but is not sustainable. So weight loss programs must be customized to ensure an effective outcome.

Again, some agencies offer commercial weight-loss packages for men. In the case of choosing a perfect weight loss program, they need to consider some aspects like the suggested number of calories, the amount of fat, vegetables, hours & nature of the workout, etc. Some plant-based and commercial diet programs for men will be discussed in this article.

Effective and Proven Weight Loss Programs for Men

Dietitians have suggested several weight loss programs for men to help them in reducing extra fat or weight. Men have to choose the best program carefully, considering the age and the structure of the body. For example, young adult men need more calories than old adults. Again, they need to choose a plan that includes a healthy balanced diet and a physical workout. The only diet can not make sure long term weight loss.

A balanced diet and physical exercise together can accelerate the weight loss process. Most men choose a low-carb diet plan, which is rather injurious to their health. Taking less than 20-gram carbohydrates may cause various physical problems, i.e., headache, nausea, physical & mental fatigue, etc.

Besides, to retain physical fitness, men need more calories than women. Moreover, they have to choose a program that includes an age- and gender-specific diet plan. A lot of plants- based and commercial weight loss programs are available. Effective and proven programs are described here:

Plants-Based Diet Programs for Men:

These programs suggest taking more vegetables, fruits, and other plant-based food rather than meats. We know weight loss programs start from the kitchen. Some of them are:

Flexitarian Diet

This diet indicates a flexible vegetarian. This plan suggests cutting fat and living long with optimal health and free from diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. This meal plan urges taking vegetables and avoiding meats & fat to live a long life.

Dash Diet

The dash diet is helpful to reduce hypertension. This diet contains food that removes sodium and is rich in oil, healthy fat & fiber like fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, seeds, and legumes. Moreover, this plan suggests not taking sugar, processed food, and red meat. Teenagers also can follow this diet plan.

Mediterranean Diet Program

It includes heart-healthy foods, which are helpful to reduce chronic disease risks and lower body weights. It contains fruits, whole grains, nuts, fish, low-fat dairy foods, olive oil, herbs, red wine, etc. Also, it suggests avoiding red meats, sugar, sugary drinks, and other highly processed foods. Thus the program is appropriate for maintaining weight management.

Low-carb Diet Program

We get carbohydrates from bread, rice, cereals, peas, beans, corn, potatoes, sugar, sugary drinks, etc. Low- carb diet program suggests avoiding these foods. Some dietitians classified these programs.

When people take 20-50 grams of carbohydrate daily, it is called a deficient- carbohydrate diet. When less than 130 grams daily, it is low- a carbohydrate diet. A moderate carbohydrate diet calls for getting 26%-44% of calories from carbohydrates per day.

Initially, this diet program was very effective in reducing weight. But it may increase low-density lipoproteins that indulge cholesterol. It leads to mortality, cardiovascular problems, and other health hazards.

Dietitians have recommended taking 130-gram carbohydrates per day. Protein and dietary fat must be included, but processed carbohydrates must be avoided to enhance weight loss.

Well- Balanced, Reduced- Calories USDA Diet

This program includes some diet plans, which are the best weight loss plans for men, including 1500-1800 calories for men per day. US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Dietary guidelines have provided a 1600-calorie diet plan consisting of 1/2 cups of fruits, 2 cups of vegetables, 5 ounces of grains, 3 cups of dairy food or plant-based dairy alternatives, 5 ounces of protein food, and five teaspoons of oil per day.

Necessary carbohydrates help men stay energetic and healthy and prevent various health issues. Men need to select the program that includes workouts to boost metabolism &  burn fat and motivational support. Because weight loss with a balanced diet & exercise is not an easy task, it is crucial to get the continuous motivation to be determined and reach the target.

Vegetarian and Vegan Diet Program

This program ensures long-lasting weight loss. Because it discourses meats and other animal foods and suggests vegetables and plant foods. Meatless diets permanently reduce the probability of heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases. But this diet program is challenging to maintain for a long time, and it causes nutrition deficiency for men.

The Biggest Loser Diet Program

This program includes a pyramid system in which fruits & vegetables, carbohydrates, and physical exercise build the foundation, and these are to be maintained daily. Following this program, men consume fish, poultry, eggs weekly and meet monthly. Also, this weight loss program is essential for women.

Commercial Diet Plan for Men

Today, dietitians provide several commercial diet plans, and men generally buy and follow these plans to lose weight. Some commercial diet programs are:

Mayo Clinic Diet

This program is designed to reduce 6 to 10 pounds of weight in 2 weeks, then 1/2 pounds every week. To adjust food habits, men need to follow the Mayo Clinic food pyramid and diet book that clarifies what bad food habits to wipe out and replace them with. Following this program, man can take plant-based (fruits & vegetable) snacks. However, most people find it difficult for its restrictive nature.

Jenny Craig Diet

This plan is designed to cut 2 pounds weekly with the motive of continuation. It contains both a diet plan and physical exercise. Again it engages a personal consultant to motivate customers to lose the targeted weight. But men have to spend 99$ to enroll in this program, 20$ to access Jenny programs, and 15-23$ daily on food.

Volumetrics Diet

Penn State University Nutrition professor designs this program to cut 1-2 pounds weekly. It encourages men to take low-density food (low calorie & high volume). It is affordable because customers need not buy books, programs, or other elements. However, as it gives more freedom to customers, there is a possibility of falling from the goal.

It is important to analyze customers’ feedback regarding selecting or signing in a commercial program. Men need to get real & comprehensive information about any weight loss program. They have to choose the program founded by a reputed nutritionist or dietitian, holds more positive reviews & feedback from customers, and is compatible with their physical traits.

Conclusion: Physical workout and a balanced diet act like two wheels of a vehicle to lose extra weight. Men have to choose a good plan that adds both a healthy balanced diet and physical exercise compatible with their age and physical conditions. Besides vegetables & fruits, this diet must include non-processed food rich in fibre & nutritious carbs like sweet potato, dried beans, peas, nuts, seeds, plain yogurt, milk, oatmeal, whole grain bread, pasta, etc.

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