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Beneficial Programs of Public Health Management Corporation in 2024

Public Health Management Corporation is a public health institute that serves nearly 350,000 customers in 70 locations in the United States. With over 350 programs, PHMC is a non-profit healthcare provider. It has been serving the communities of Delaware Valley for more than 40 years. They aim at helping marginalized people with their affordable healthcare services.

Affiliates programs of Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC)

Besides their huge range of programs, PHMC has small non-profit companies known as PHMC Affiliates. They work together to provide customers with robust healthcare services. The following are the PHMC Affiliate companies –

  • Center for Autism
  • Health Promotion Council
  • Interim House
  • Interim House West Facilities, Inc.
  • Joseph J. Peters Institute
  • National Nurse-Led Care Consortium
  • Public Health Fund
  • Public Health Management Services Corporation
  • The Bridge
  • The Villa
  • Turning Points for Children

Other Beneficial Programs of PHMC

Public Health Management Corporation offers more than 350 programs under several categories. Some of the programs are briefly discussed below:

Behavioral Health Services

Under this category, some of the following services are available –

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS)

PHMC provides behavioral health treatment and services for children suffering from emotional and behavioral health issues.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

They provide comprehensive therapeutic, educational, and support services through their CHANCES program. It is an outpatient and intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program that serves up to 100 women with children.


MST-PSB or Multisystemic Therapy for Problem Sexual Behavior serves young people with harmful sexual behavior. They provide intensive, family-driven therapy directly at the individual’s home or school.

Youth and Family

PHMC provides opportunities for education and employment to school droppers or juveniles. The PHMC affiliate The Bridge offers this program through the West Philadelphia-based E3 Power Center.

Emergency Assistance

Public Health Management Corporation provides a wide range of emergency services that include –

DHS CUA Emergency Fund

Sometimes families are separated, or reunification is delayed due to the absence of proper resources. In such a case, The Emergency Placement Prevention and Family Reunification Fund provide valuable resources to help the families.

DHS Prevention Assistance Fund

With the help of DHS and several provider agencies, The Prevention Assistance Fund provides necessary resources to keep the children safe at home. It also helps maintain family stability and prevents children from entering the Child Welfare System.

Food Voucher Program

This is not an additional source of income for a customer. The Direct Emergency Financial Assistance Program helps clients with this food voucher prevent dependency on others.

Environmental Health

PHMC provides the following services to people suffering from health issues due to natural causes –


Many people have asthma due to environmental pollution. In 2001, the Robert Wood Foundation Grant awarded eight planning grants to fight against the rising numbers of children asthma patients.


Many children from Philadelphia suffer from lead poisoning due to environmental hazards. PHMC provides prevention programs for lead poisoning in collaboration with NNCC.

Family Services

PHMC offers the following programs under family services –

CANS Assessment Unit

PHMC, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, assesses the needs of children and adolescents. They implement the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) Assessment Unit to make necessary arrangements for them.

Family-Based Mental Health Services

PHMC offers family therapy, case management, and other support services for children at home. Their objective is to prevent children and adolescents from getting thrown out of the house due to mental health issues.

Health Care Centers

PHMC offers some of the following healthcare centers –

Congreso Health Center

PHMC partners with Congreso de Latinos Unidos to provide several health care services through the Congreso Health Center. Their services include adult and family medicine, gynecology, HIV testing, pediatric care, etc.

PHMC Care Clinic

The PHMC Care Clinic offers quality care to adults who need specialized health care and social services. They mainly serve the community of North Philadelphia, where necessary healthcare is not distributed correctly.

Rising Sun Health Center

The Rising Sun Health Center provides health care services to people of all ages. Their services include primary care, immunization, flu shots, high blood pressure, physical exams, etc.

Services to Special Population

PHMC provides some services to the special population that include –

Children and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

PHMC supports children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities through its affiliate company PersonLink.

LGBTQ Community

PHMC provides quality healthcare services to people from all communities. They do not differentiate among people based on their sexual preference.

People with HIV/AIDS

The PHMC Care Clinic provides high-quality, community-based primary care to individuals with HIV/AIDS.

Public Health Management Corporation is one of Philadelphia’s best health care services providers. They provide quality, affordable services to people of all ages and communities. To know more about their programs and affiliate companies, you can visit

Frequently  Ask Questions:

  1. How do I book an appointment with the Public Health Management Corporation?

You can book an appointment with PHMC by phone at 215-985-2500 or mail them at Centre Square East, 1500 Market Street, Suite 1500, Philadelphia, PA 19102.

  1. When was Public Health Management Corporation established?

The Public Health Management Corporation was founded in 1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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