IU Health Center- Why They Best?

IU Health Center

The IU Student Health Center offers top-notch healthcare, wellness, and mental health services right in the center of the IU Bloomington campus. It is a one-stop shop for various medical requirements and focuses on helping college-aged patients.

IU health center Mission

The Indiana University Student Health Center’s goal is to support Indiana University Bloomington’s dedication to improving the student experience and academic success by offering high-quality, student-centered medical, psychological, and healthcare services.

IU health center Vision

The Indiana University Student Health Center works to build a safe and healthy campus community by encouraging and enabling students to maximize their well-being and by offering efficient, cutting-edge programs and services.

IU health center Core Values
  • Compassionate Care: Students’ experiences are warm, personal, inclusive, and supportive.
  • Maintain, develop, and improve services for all students while providing student-centered health care.
  • They are giving Students the Tools for Healthy Bodies and Minds: Foster a safe and healthy campus environment by involving and empowering students to maximize their well-being through efficient, cutting-edge programs and services.
  • Making a Difference: Establish a welcoming and supportive work environment.

IU health center Web Address

How to make an appointment?

To make an appointment, you can schedule online. For this, go to this link- https://idp.login.iu.edu/idp/profile/cas/login?execution=e1s2

Provide username and passphrase.

If you have forgotten your passphrase you can reset it through this link- https://access.iu.edu/Passphrase

You can also schedule by phone. For this, go to this link- https://healthcenter.indiana.edu/contact/index.html#phone-appointments

and find the numbers.

If CAPS Now is not available, you must schedule a CAPS appointment. The online scheduler does not list the reason for your visit.

You can also cancel your scheduled appointments. There are some numbers provided for appointment cancellations:

  • Medical services- 812-855-7688
  • Counseling (CAPS)- 812-855-5711
  • Wellness services- 812-855-7338
  • Eye clinic- 812-855-8417
  • Physical therapy- 812-855-6272

IU health center Contacts

If you have any inquiries, you can get help from them at this address-

IU Student Health Center

600 N. Eagleson Ave.

Bloomington, Indiana 47405

IU health center Team

If you want to meet their team and want to know all the details go through this link- https://healthcenter.indiana.edu/about/meet-team/index.html

IU health center available hours

They are open from 8:00 am through 4:30 pm from Monday through Friday.

IU health center Medical

The medical and related services they offer:

  • Medical Clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Eye Clinic
  • Physical Therapy
  • Laboratory
  • Immunizations
  • Allergy Injections
  • Employee Services
  • Virtual Visits
  • Drop-Off STI Testing
IU health center Counseling

CAPS currently provides all counseling services over the phone/video, with some services requiring in-person visits.

  • Workshops & Support Groups
  • Self-Assessment
  • CAPS Virtual Visits
  • Graduate Student Support
  • Sexual Assault Crisis Service
  • Internship & Practicum Opportunities
  • Let’s Talk: Multicultural Drop-in Support Space
  • Coalition for Overcoming Problem Eating/Exercise
  • Accreditation
IU health center Wellness
  • Sexual Wellness
  • Health Coaching
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Tobacco & Vaping Cessation
  • Substance Use
  • Year of Wellness
IU health center Fees & Insurance

The integrated services offered by the Student Health Center are reasonably priced and address various physical, mental, and wellness requirements. Your costs are further reduced once the student health fee has been paid.

  • Insurance
  • Cost & Payments
  • Health Fee
  • Request Itemized Receipt

Why They Best?

IU Health Center is one of the premier healthcare centers in the state of Indiana. With its cutting-edge technology, dedicated staff, and comprehensive services, IU Health Center is the top choice for individuals and families. IU Health Center offers a wide range of preventive care services and health screenings for those who want to be proactive about their health. Additionally, IU Health Center has a variety of specialists that can provide expert care in many areas, including women’s health, cardiovascular health, and mental health. This ensures that IU Health Center can offer the highest level of care for any medical needs. Furthermore, their compassion and commitment to patient satisfaction are unparalleled. IU Health Center is proud to provide patients with the best care and support in the state.

IU Health Center stands out in the crowd for its excellent care and dedication to its patients. They provide a wide range of services, including primary care, mental health, dental care, and more. Their staff is highly trained and professional, and their facility is modern and comfortable. The IU Health Center is a great choice for anyone looking for quality healthcare in the Bloomington area.

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