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Tampa Family Health Center Portal Review

Tampa Family Health Centers is dedicated to providing high-quality care to the people of Hillsborough County. In addition to 15 locations, TFHC has two mobile dental units and a mobile medical unit. Thanks to these mobile units, TFHC can offer the same high-quality care at special events and in the community at large.

Tampa family health center portal Mission

Tampa’s mission is to provide culturally diverse communities with quality, caring, and accessible healthcare.

Tampa family health center portal Phone number

To contact them, call this number- tel:813-397-5300

You can also message them through this link- https://tampafamilyhc.com/contact/

Tampa family health center portal Locations

They are available at these locations;

Tampa family health center portal available hours

They are available in the evening hours and on weekends.

Tampa family health center portal

To log in to the portal, go through this link- https://tampafamilyhc.com/patient-portal/

Provide username and password to sign in.

To sign up now, go through this link- https://mychart.hcnetwork.org/MyChart/accesscheck.asp

How to reset my username and password?

Present your first name, last name, security number, and date of birth.

Provide your personal information and submit them.

Tampa family health center portal Pay Bill

To pay bills, go through this link- https://mychart.hcnetwork.org/MyChart/Billing/GuestPay

Enter the quick code, statement ID, and access code found on your device, then complete the payment process.

Tampa family health center portal Services

Service includes:

Family Medicine

At Tampa Family Health Centers, they believe in total family wellness. TFHC prioritizes you and encourages your participation in making health-related decisions. Allow them to be your first choice for low-cost, high-quality care.


Children grow quickly, necessitating a unique approach to meeting their health needs. The specialists at Tampa Family Health Centers are prepared to handle the particular transitions your child makes into and through puberty. They can design a plan that will keep your child happy and healthy for many years, from physical care to emotional support. Schedule an appointment for your child right away.


Their pharmacists and pharmacy technicians put in a lot of effort to ensure that our patients get their prescriptions on time. Their goal is to handle all of your medical needs during one visit.


Psychiatry is a medical specialty that focuses on diagnosing, preventing, and treating problems with mood, behavior, cognition, and perception. TFHC is here to help you feel more like yourself!

Senior Care

Senior Care is primarily concerned with patients aged 65 and up. Seniors in different stages of life can receive specialized care from TFHC Senior Care Providers.

Women’s Care

As a woman, you frequently prioritize your home, career, and relationships above all else; however, if your health isn’t in good shape, it’s impossible to be there for anyone else. At Tampa Family Health Centers, you come first.  They can perform routine checkups to aid in the early detection of disease and to help you maintain overall good health.

Why They Best?

Tampa Family Health Center Portal provides patients with an easy-to-use, convenient and secure way to access their health care information. With the portal, patients can easily review their medical records, request appointments, refill prescriptions, view test results, access educational materials, and communicate with their care team members. The portal is secure, so all patient information is kept private and secure.

The portal also provides personal health records, reminder systems, and the ability to upload documents for review by their providers securely. With the Tampa Family Health Center Portal, patients can easily access their medical information and be connected to their care team safely and securely. This makes the Tampa Family Health Center Portal the best choice for patients securely accessing their health care information.


In conclusion, the Tampa Family Health Center Portal is a great resource for families looking for convenient, affordable, and quality healthcare. The portal allows families to access various services, including online appointment scheduling, health education materials, and telemedicine. In addition, the portal allows families to easily track their medical records, lab results, and more. With its comprehensive services, the portal makes it easier than ever for families to get the care they need.

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