Coastal Medical Patient Portal Review-2024

Coastal Medical, a Lifespan health system affiliate, is a primary care-focused practice with approximately 125 providers spread across 20 offices in Rhode Island, servicing 120,000 patients.

Coastal is committed to offering its patients the best care possible by allowing sick visits every day of the year, providing chronic care management programs for its sickest patients, and establishing care teams to support its clinicians in delivering exceptional care.

Every person at Coastal is motivated to enhance patient care continually and the services we offer by the culture of teamwork, creativity, and shared learning we cultivate.

Coastal Medical Patient Portal

The patient portal at Coastal Medical is quick, easy, and safe and is accessible every day of the week, 24 hours a day. You may schedule an appointment, ask for a prescription refill, message your doctor’s office, and even examine your lab results on the Portal.


How to register for Coastal Medical?

Current patients who have never created a Patient Portal account can do so by phoning their Coastal practice or asking to do so when they visit the clinic the next time.


A Portal account with a temporary password is automatically created for new patients. Temporary passwords are only valid for 48 hours. If this password expires, you must visit Account Recovery and reset your password or username.


How do I restore my username or Password?

To reset the password or username, you can update them in two ways:


Online Reset: You can use Account Recovery to change your Portal login or password if you’ve lost it. The email address connected to your account will receive information on resetting your login or password.


Patient Portal Support: To get assistance with changing your username or password, call a Portal Advocate at 866-779-3655  from 8 AM through 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, or email [email protected] at any time.


For additional assistance logging in, you can also refer to our step-by-step manual (PDF)


How do I Schedule an Appointment?

Enter your “New Appointment Request” after signing into your Portal account, then select “Appointments” from the dropdown menu.


To establish a mutually convenient time for you and your provider, the local Coastal Medical office personnel will either confirm the appointment or contact you through your preferred contact form.


How to request a Prescription refill?

By selecting “Refill Requests” from the dropdown menu under “Messages” on the Patient Portal home page, you can ask for refills.


Check your medication bottle to ensure no more refills are available before submitting a prescription refill request on the Portal. Call your pharmacist first to see if there are any remaining refills.


Coastal Medical Patient Portal Phone Numbers

For sick adult appointments, cal this number- tel:800-822-5981

For health questions, message them through this portal or contact the Clinician’s office.

You can also complain at this address;

Coastal Medical

10 Davol Square, Suite 400 

Providence, RI 02903 

Phone: 401-421-4000 

Email: [email protected]


Coastal Medical Patient Portal Billing

For any billing, call this number- tel:401-421-0011

They are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM through 4:30 PM, or you can also email- [email protected]


Coastal Medical Patient Portal Locations

They are located in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts. Go through this link to have the services-

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