Stony Brook Patient Portal Review-2024

The top academic medical facility on Long Island is Stony Brook University Hospital (SBUH).


MyHealtheLife is a patient portal powered by CernerHealth that gives you safe, online access to personal health information at Stony Brook Medicine. You can exchange messages with your doctor about your health through the site and see specifics of your medical history and records. Click here for additional information about the features of the portal. You can reach technical support by dialing 877-621-8014.


Stony Brook Mission

Stony Brook Medicine provides patients with top-notch, compassionate care, advances our knowledge of the causes of human health and disease, and teaches the next generation of medical professionals and biomedical researchers to better serve our patients by bringing the benefits of scientific advancement to them.


Stony Brook Vision

Stony Brook Medicine will keep pushing for excellence in the following ways:

  • A renowned facility is known for its excellent, caring patient care, biological research, and healthcare education.
  • The first option for patients seeking care for themselves and their families.
  • An academic medical institution that draws academics and learners eager to offer and receive the most cutting-edge education.
  • One of the best universities for scientific education and research.


Stony Brook Values

Integrity: Always act morally and honestly in our relationships.

Compassion: Demonstrate empathy by listening intently and expressing support.

Accountability: Hold ourselves responsible for our actions and performance in front of our company, community, and others.

Respect: Promotes an atmosphere of trust and respect between people, embracing differences in viewpoints.

Excellence: Set the bar as high as possible for service, clinical results, and safety.


Stony Brook Patient Benefits

To support you in taking care of yourself and your family, Stony Brook offers a comprehensive benefits program, which includes the following:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Paid Time Off, Holidays, and Sick Days
  • Adjustable Spending
  • Health Insurance
  • Benefits of Employee Education


Stony Brook Patient Services

Regarding the range and quality of its healthcare services, Stony Brook Medicine strives to go above and beyond the r expectations. At every level and in every division, they aim to provide treatment that is both skilled and compassionate.


Their top-tier services offer sophisticated treatment options, including clinical trials and the most recent technologies, and address significant diagnoses. These multi-disciplinary centers of excellence, where medical professionals from many specialties collaborate, have won recognition on the regional and national levels. They are run by top specialists who provide the most cutting-edge treatments.


Go through this link to learn more about the services offered.- 


Stony Brook Patient Portal Login

Cerner Health is a personal health website that enables you to establish safe relationships with healthcare providers and manage personal health information.


To log in, go through this link-

Provide email or username and password to sign in.


If you forgot the password, go through this link-

Complete the validation procedure by entering your user name or sign-in email address. You’ll receive a link from them to change your password.


Stony Brook Patient Portal Medicine enrollment

Self-enrollment is accessible for Stony Brook Medicine patients aged 18 and up who do not currently have access to MyHealtheLife. This online portal allows you to check your medical information and communicate with your healthcare team. To begin the self-enrollment process, fill out the form through this link-


Stony Brook Patient Portal Medical Records

Patients who have received care at Stony Brook University Hospital and physician practices can also view their medical records through the patient portal.


The patient is entitled to a copy of their medical document, which may also be given to them electronically.


Stony Brook Patient Portal Adolescents

Stony Brook Medicine’s patients, 13 years of age and older, have private, 24/7 access to their personal health information through the MyHealtheLife patient portal.


MyHealtheLife, powered by CernerHealth, is safe and simple to use. Sign in using the form to access the portal.

Access to MyHealtheLife for Patients 13 and Older


Patients 13 years of age and older now have private access to our patient site. The portal can be used to

  • Examine your medical history and health records.
  • Obtain your test and lab findings.
  • Send your physician a confidential message.
  • Refill your prescriptions
  • requesting an appointment


Stony Brook Patient Portal Appointment Request

Please sign in to your portal account and select the “Appointments” icon to make an appointment request. Request an invitation to set up a portal account at your next office visit.


Stony Brook Patient Portal API Connection

Stony Brook Medicine now provides a mechanism for current portal users to securely link their health apps (such as activity trackers, nutrition trackers, etc.) to their medical history. It will give you and your care team access to specific health information that can be useful. 


To connect to your health app, please go through this link-

After receiving your request, Stony Brook Medicine will consult with the suppliers to see if they can safely connect.


For quick access to your MyHealtheLife portal account, download the “HealtheLife” app on your smartphone or tablet. Search for “HealtheLife” by Cerner Corporation on Google Play and the Apple iTunes store.


Stony Brook Employee Portal 

For login, go through this link-

You can remotely access their portal from this link.


Stony Brook Patient Portal Pediatrics

To log in to the patient portal, go through this link-


Stony Brook Patient Portal Health Care Professionals

Strive to increase the accessibility and availability of resources for their community physicians, full-time physicians, physician-scientists, and nurses. They consider it crucial that you have access to your patient’s medical records and can get in touch with a colleague.


If you want to refer a patient, go through this link-


The Medical/House Staff Office supports the Stony Brook University Medical Center’s medical staff.

For the medical staff office, go through this link-


For the physician portal, go through this link-


For the physician Outreach Office, go through this link-

Physician Outreach Office staff members are available to meet with doctors and members of their office staff to explore how they can better assist you in meeting the needs of your patients.


For medical education, go through this link-

Search by selecting specialty, events, and date range.


Stony Brook Physician Pay Bill

For the physician to pay bills, go through this link-


Stony Brook Medicine Pay Bill

Stony Brook Medicine is dedicated to providing you with the most effective medical care and simple and dependable billing options.

Go through this link to pay bills-


Stony Brook Patient Portal Health Insurance

For health insurance, you can request to be contacted by a Child Health Plus/Family Health Plus Enroller by calling Stony Brook University Hospital HealthConnect® at (631) 444-4000.

The students will:

  • Describe the advantages of the Medicaid, Family Health Plus, and Child Health Plus programs;
  • assist in determining your qualification for certain health insurance plans; and
  • assist you in completing your applications for these programs if you are qualified.


Stony Brook Patient Portal Careers

Stony Brook welcomes you to grow your career and explore employment opportunities.

To apply,

  • To set up a profile with a username, password, and security question, go here.
  • View all available job openings or perform a search with specific criteria to locate positions that interest you. You are allowed to submit more than one application at once.
  • Complete the online application and paste your resume or CV as text into your profile after uploading them. Additionally, you might ask to be considered for potential future opportunities. Let them know the jobs you are interested in.
  • Click “submit” once your application is finished. The application can also be saved as a draft to spend later.
  • You will get a message and email confirmation once you have filled out all the necessary fields, letting you know that your application has been correctly submitted.


For current Employees,

  • Every current employee already has a user account. To sign in using your NetID, click the Current Employee link. Make sure the details in your account profile are correct.
  • NetID is used to secure the page for “Internal Candidates.” When you log on through this link, the system will be able to recognize you as an employee of Stony Brook as a result. Access the site from any computer with an Internet connection by entering your NetID.
  • Your data will be kept private if you use the Current Employee link.


Stony Brook Patient Portal Phone Number

For the phone number, call- tel:+1-631-689-8333


Stony Brook Patient Portal Location

They are located at this location-

Stony Brook Medicine

101 Nicolls Road

Stony Brook, NY 11794


Stony Brook Patient Portal Website






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